It s the end, no matter matter what you try, even trying will make it worse.

There is a universal law about energy, you lose some everytime you try to change, transform something ….

So even trying to cool the planet, will use more energy than the result expected.

The best is to do nothing.everytime human tried to do something good, we do it worse and it has been like that for the last 150 years.

Covid is a good example. Air and animals are much better since we stayed at home watching the TV.

Anyway at the end, billions of people will die and we will reach a period of stability in 10000 years. Human specie will be probably gone, Scorpio and bug will survive. We wanted it??, Of course no. But no choice, it was up to us and we got warning signs years ago already. Now its too late. Cake has been eaten and there is no more land for flour.

Amen !! ( I hope we don't fu.k up heaven as well)

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