Liberal MPs call for government to deny permit renewal that would allow drilling off NSW coastline

The license will allow gas and oil exploration off the coastline between Sydney and Newcastle

Moderate Liberal MPs are leading calls for the Morrison government not to renew a license that would permit gas exploration off the coastline between Sydney and Newcastle.

Labor and the Greens, who also oppose renewing the Petroleum Exploration Permit (Pep) 11, argue the motion tabled by Liberal MP Jason Falinski is an admission the federal government’s environmental protection laws are insufficient.

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I say NO to PEP-11.

Like Damocles Sword, it hangs over the heads of our communities. Despite numerous explorations, no useful data has been found. There is clearly little value in the area regarding gas.#StopPEP11 #Forthebeaches #auspol @surfrideraus @Surfrider @SurfriderNB

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