Meteorologist: “Can’t See Any Evidence” …Asks WMO What’s The Basis For Forecast Of “Another Record-Breaking Summer”?

On May 26, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) issued a press release warning of “another record-breaking heat season” for the northern hemisphere this summer, along with the potential of the COVID-19 pandemic amplifying the health risks of the hot weather.

Media outlets picked up the WMO warnings and spread panic stories of mayhem and climate breakdown among the public.

But veteran Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann, citing models from the ECMWF, doesn’t see any evidence of another “record breaking summer”. He tweeted:

So far Kachelmann has yet to receive an explanation from the WMO.

Like the ECMWF model for the next 45 days shows, the northern hemisphere has extensive cool patches, and so no signs of a “record breaking northern hemisphere summer this year.

Whether it’s the World Health organization (WHO or the WMO, global institutions set up to guide policy are doing a lousy job and are in need of extensive reform, as some leaders have already called for.

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