NASA Data: 13 Of 13 Antarctic Peninsula, Island Stations Show Cooling Trend Over Past 21 Years!

By Kirye
and Pierre Gosselin

A few days ago we looked at 19 stations scattered across Antarctica and found no unusual climate trends taking place there over the past 31 years.

Today we focus on 13 crucial stations located on and around the Antarctic Peninsula, which alarmists say is threatening to melt down and cause sea level rise to accelerate rapidly, and plot the data from NASA going back to 1998, i.e. 21 years.

13 of 13 Antarctic Peninsula/island stations cooling

The following map shows the location of the stations:

What now follows are the mean annual temperature plots of the 13 stations, using NASA Version 4 unadjusted data:

13 of 13 Antarctic Peninsula and nearby island stations show cooling over the past 21 years. There hasn’t been any warming there so far this century. Data source: NASA GISS, Version 4 unadjusted. 

Updated: January 24, 2020 — 5:41 pm

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