Our leaders look climate change in the eyes, and shrug | Hamilton Nolan

It is not good to be too pessimistic on the climate crisis. That said, it sure does seem like we’re screwed

If you have cultivated an Edgar Allen Poe-like appreciation for the macabre, there is a certain sort of amusement to be had in watching the developed world deal with the insistent onslaught of climate change. Like many horror stories, this one features a main character full of futile determination to maintain a sense of normalcy even as the ominous signs of doom become ever more impossible to ignore. We can chuckle knowing that the monster is going to come for our designated protectors. We stop chuckling knowing that it’s coming for all of us next.

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Capitalism is a machine made to squeeze every last cent out of this planet until there is nothing left

Hamilton Nolan is a writer based in New York

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