Please provide feedback on my personal perspective and solution to global warming.

Problem Statement: – Planet Earth is warming up! Glaciers are melting and ocean temperatures are rising. How can we get the planet to cool itself down?

Observations: – When I go for a run, I get really hot. Drinking water cools me down. Humans have been taking water from Planet Earth for 1 Creating more humans 2 Bottling various products in our stores 3 Storage beneath the earth to provide water to homes for all kinds of systems. 4 And probably other factors I am not currently aware of.

Planet Earth is warming the ocean from 1 Human activities like dumping, trash, etc.. 2 Molten Lava 3 And probably other factors I am not currently thinking of.

Unfortunately, the planet is not getting more water and humans are taking it out. No wonder it is getting hotter.

Solutions 1 Start mining other planets and celestial objects for water and bring it back to earth 2 Reduce the human population 3 Start cleaning and cooling the oceans ourselves. 4 Other ideas I want our society to start helping come up with.

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Updated: January 31, 2020 — 4:33 am

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