Possible Solution?

I will admit to not being well versed in the topic, but I have been informed that it is not solvable by reducing a carbon footprint as water vapor is the biggest problem. Hence forth to cool the planet we have to "cool" the planet. What can happen naturally I believe is volcanoes erupting producing a "blackout blanket" which then allows the atmosphere too cool.

Jumping straight to the point now why don't we place a satellite in sun-sync orbit to act like a shade and eclipse the sun, now I do understand we couldn't or shouldn't eclipse it so that we can no longer use the solar panels we have but maybe for now eclipse the poles to prevent them from melting so rapidly. Let's say for a moment way did eclipse the sun over an area of solar panels, why don't we use some sort laser energy to transfer from the eclipsing satellite to the ground?

TL;DR use satellites to block out the sun too cool the earth down "selectively"


Thank you Aqueron for the link to the wiki page on a sunshade, the two references I would want to draw your eyes to are the research paper from 2006 (means someone needs to research it again) and a article from medium made around 2 years ago, in medium they point out that the cost of such a project is a fraction of the existing NASA budget. So, we can do it, so I think we should do it, it doesn't have to go in front of the sun straight away but maybe park it in a different orbit and a t the push of a button it will "always be winter" (but never Christmas).

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