Power Supply Fiasco: Green Energy Blackout Hits Germany! Fossil Fuels To The Rescue

First, many of you surely have heard of a widespread purge of followers and account suspensions happening at Twitter, most notably that of the U.S. President, Donald Trump and Sidney Powell.

NoTricksZone lost 3oo followers since January 6. Tony Heller’s account has lost 3000 in just a matter of hours.

Moving to Gab, Parler

Currently I’m moving from Twitter to Gab and Parler, as I expect things at Twitter to get far worse.

Clearly they’re convinced they can get away with anything. Where will it all end? Who knows! The way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me if others started freezing bank accounts, denying mobile phone service or even electric power. Remember these people stole an election and got away with it!

My handle to search for at Gab and Parler: NoTricksZone. I encourage you all to open an account there.

The denial of electrical power may even be necessary soon in the future, anyway – like it was in communist Romania in the wonderful Ceausescu days. Just look at how Germany’s 50 GW – yes, gigawatts – of solar power have performed since January 1st.

power supply fiasco green energy blackout hits germany fossil fuels to the rescue
Image cropped from Agora.

The dark blue curve depicts Germany’s total electric power consumption, which ramped up again Sunday evening, January 3rd, as factories started up again. The yellow shaded nubs depict the solar energy produced over the period, same as nothing.

Over the past couple of days, many installations have been blanketed by snow.

Germany’s weather has been much more overcast and gray recently, including periods of low wind activity. Let’s look at how solar power has performed over the past 45 days:

power supply fiasco green energy blackout hits germany fossil fuels to the rescue 1
Image cropped from Agora.

This is the plan that sleepy-brain Biden and the leftwing environmental crazies want to implement for America. No wonder they want to censor us, when we present the reality.

Supply disaster

When we include wind power, with another 60 GW of installed capacity – total 110 GW with sun – we see the following performance.

power supply fiasco green energy blackout hits germany fossil fuels to the rescue 2

Image cropped from Agora.

Though it looks much better, the combined massive 110 GW of installed wind and solar capacity don’t even come close to meeting Germany’s electricity demand. There are some periods where both are practically absent.

It’s no way to operate a power grid. Germany’s power grid, once one of the most stable worldwide, is headed for ruin. America should not mimic such a fiasco.

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