Retired Climate Alarmist John Schellnhuber: “Not Much Time Left”…Earth “Slipping Into A Hot Age”!

According to the German online Tagesspiegel here, retired alarmist climate researcher Prof. John Schellnhuber is open to accepting a minister position in the state government in Brandenburg.

Panic in Germany

The former director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research thinks the planet “is in a sort of emergency” and so he is prepared “to advise the democratic parties concerning overcoming the climate crisis,” he said an interview with the “Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten”.

Schellnhuber says we are living in “unusual times”. Germany has pledged to shut down its coal power plants by 2038, which environmentalists and climate alarmists say is too long and that it has to happen much sooner.

As the coal industry is a key energy supplier to the state of Brandenburg, and the current Brandenburg government coalition made up of the socialists and leftists has been reluctant in scaling back coal power, fearing a fierce backlash from coal-related workers.

Earth slipping into a “Hot Age”

Schellnhuber warns, however, that action needs to be taken more aggressively and that “we really don’t have much time left to prevent the earth from slipping into a Hot Age”.

Potsdam recently declared a climate emergency and a citizens’ initiative is demanding that it be declared state-wide, the Tagesspiegel reports.

Schellnhuber also attacked the hard right, climate skeptic AfD Party, which the Tagesspiegel reports “denies climate change”. Schellnhuber says their “climate lies sound seductive because you don’t need to change behavior over the short term.”

Skepticism “endangers our entire civilization”

Schellnhuber calls this type of science skepticism “dangerous because it endangers our entire civilization” and says that in parties like the AfD there are “many bitter old gentlemen” who would lose their importance.

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