Should the US invest in Nuclear energy?

Overall, Nuclear energy isn't a bad idea. It produces the most energy out of any form of energy, and requires the least amount of land use, as well as the fact that 96% of atomic waste is reused and only 3% is considerably dangerous, and this gets put in waste shelters. Overall, however, less than a football field's worth of waste actually exists worldwide. And overall, in the US, there hasn't been a major radioactive leak the level of Chernobyl or Fukushima, and the most major one being Three Mile Island, and studies have proven that the radiation there didn't affect the environment, all thanks to regulations. The only reason why Chernobyl happened was because of the USSR deciding to unwisely cut corners and Fukushima happened because of poor location choice, things that wouldn't happen in the US due to the stricter regulations. And with increased investment in Fusion energy, even more energy could be generated. And plus, America has to compete with China, which plans to build 5-6 reactors each year to support industry, and if the US wants to catch up industrially, it will have to build some reactors too. Can anyone agree?

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Updated: August 6, 2020 — 6:06 am

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