Single Family Homes Are Bad For The Climate, Says Austrian Architecture Publicist. Thermal Insulation, Too!

Single family homes, thermal insulation are not sustainable, says architecture publicist. 

Everything is bad for the climate, and so everything needs to be regulated or restricted. That’s how the whole scam works. COVID shows that if you can successfully spread fear and a sense of crisis, then you’ll be able to get away with anything.

Now it may be time for us humans to return back to the trees.

Climate change is calling the single-family house into question. At least, that’s what the Standard from Austria thinks:

The most sustainable single-family house, experts therefore like to say, is the one that is not built. ‘Or the 300-year-old one,’ adds Franziska Leeb. She is an architectural publicist and chairwoman of the board of Orte, the architecture network of Lower Austria. She also finds the construction quality of the houses problematic. The half-life is short, she says, and people rely on full thermal insulation made of composite materials that are difficult to dispose of later. If the costs for this were priced in, many of the houses would soon no longer be saleable.”

Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne.

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