So what is the realistic scenario for climate change and global flooding? And what are projections and timeframes?

So we know that climate change will be order of magnitude more impactful (negatively) than coronavirus.

We know that temperatures keep rising, ice keeps melting and eventually water levels will rise.

All of this looks like a boiling frog situation.

However, here are main issues bothering me – where can I find most accurate and realistic (not doom&gloom) predictions of how much water levels will rise globally by 2030, 2040, 2050 and so on?

Where can I see tendencies of how water levels rise year by year and how its likely to continue? Are there some charts we can analyse?

Also, how preventable is it by now? It seems to me that nobody really cares or does much, so maybe it's just something we cannot prevent and should expect?

If we should expect it then how can we prepare? I assume not buying a beachfront property and maybe purchasing real estate in higher areas as well as preparing for more autonomous survival?

I don't want to just "talk" about the issue and doom&gloom, I want to see the realistic threat for next 50 years and how to prepare for it accordingly.

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