Tackling climate crisis is what we should be doing, says new IMF boss

In an exclusive interview, Kristalina Georgieva tells why global heating is as big a threat to economic stability as another financial crash

Kristalina Georgieva is very keen to talk about the research one of her International Monetary Fund economists is doing. Surprisingly, this is not about any of the issues that have gripped the organisation in the past 75 years: balance of payments crises or global recessions. It is about whales and the part they play in the fight against climate change.

“Whales act like giant pumps,” says Georgieva, noting that in its lifetime each of these mammals sequesters 33 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, while an average tree absorbs about 20kg a year.

Climate change is not just already visible, but tends to hit the world’s poorest countries and poorest people hardest

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