Tackling global warming via community

Hey Reddit!

I'm currently doing some research for a university design project.

I'm looking at creating a vision for communities of the future (or today) that incorporates everything required to solve the climate emergency problem.

There are examples of communities that have gone "100% renewable energy" or "net-zero carbon" and while this is great, there is often a downfall somewhere that negates the gains made by whatever the label given was. An example being Sinclair Meadows in the UK, the first street to be 'carbon negative' in the UK. This is fantastic, however, it only considers energy use of the homes and materials used in the construction of the houses. The residents could all be eating heavy red-meat diets or not shopping locally and totally wipe out any gains made elsewhere.

The vision I'm looking to create is something where absolutely every consideration, from the physical materials, services, lifestyles, diet, education etc is all pulling in the same direction, and therefore becomes truly 'sustainable' and zero-impact.

I would love your input into this system idea, absolutely anything you can offer positive or negative is welcome and appreciated.

Some prompts for you to think about could be:

  • perceived relative advantage – over existing systems
  • ease of use – of any tangible elements including ergonomic and anthropometric detail of physical and psychological fit
  • perceived compatibility – with existing products, services and systems
  • perceived value – whether the potential value of a new system is readily seen
  • cultural acceptance – whether the system is acceptable to potential users and personnel involved in its delivery

Thanks to anyone who engages in advance!

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Updated: February 25, 2021 — 4:46 pm

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