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Robert Koch Institute Latest Data: One Third Of Recent Age 60+ COVID Deaths In Germany Were Fully Vaccinated!

Russian state German language RT news site here looks at just how effective the COVID vaccines have been in Germany over the last 4 weeks, citing data from official institutes, and finds the German government is misleading the public.  Alarming number of COVID deaths in Germany are fully vaccinated persons. Cropped from RT here. False […]

Analysis: Hurricanes Have Not Gotten More Intense, Frequent Over Past 170 Years

In the latest climate and energy video by German site Die kalte Sonne, media claims of increasingly stronger and frequent hurricanes are examined closely and reach the conclusion: “Over the past 170 years, hurricanes have not occurred more frequently or gotten more intense.” In the wake of hurricane Ida, a number of mainstream media outlets, […]

1 Holocaust Survivor Included…”Death List” Of 250 Leading German Vaccine/Lockdown Critics, Dissidents Gets Circulated

Shocking threats in Germany…250 on a ‘death list’ are predominantly prominent German conservatives and libertarians, but also include Jews – among them one Holocaust survivor! Origins appear to be “left-wing extremist circles” Last Thursday, September 23, a “list of the 250 biggest German misanthropes” began circulating on the Internet and suggested their death  as a […]

IPCC AR6 Focusses On “Absurd”, “Fairy Tale” Scenarios, Ignores Hundreds Of Publications, Major Factors

Monthly newsletter by Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt The IPCC’s latest climate report was published on August 9th and I have been able to take a look at it. One thing is clear: It will give all the alarmist forces a strong tailwind. But before we look at the IPCC report, we first take a brief look […]

Phony Climate Trends: Alarmists Caught Hiding Large Quantities Of Historical Data

Climate alarmism is looking increasingly like organized fraud and deception.  A German YouTube video reveals a number of charts prepared by Tony Heller illustrating how climate alarmists hide data in order to produce an alarming impression of the globe’s climate. Today we present 4 pairs of charts to show how climate alarmists carefully cherrypick their […]

Czech Extreme Weather Fatalities Study Finds “Statistically Significant Falling Trend”…Most Related To Cold!

A study of Czech extreme weather fatalities show that the trend has been “significantly falling”. Most weather extreme fatalities were related to cold…less than 2% “heat related”! German climate site Die kalte Sonne reports on on new study that looked at fatalities due to weather extremes in the European landlocked country of the Czech Republic. […]

Wildfires Spike Every Fourth Of July, When Americans Celebrate “Independence”

Just a couple of anecdotes today… Happy 4th of July everyone, though personally I don’t there’s really much left to celebrate anymore. Government lockdowns and social media censoring of legitimate opposing opinions remind me of Cold War time Communist countries. We’re not free anymore, and so celebrating “freedom” is a bit of joke. Independence Day […]

“Beating Climate Change Into Our Heads”…Swiss Office Issues Heat Warnings For Days Averaging 25°C!

“Another hot day in the forecast for Bern, Switzerland, today. Meteorologists have issued another heat warning as temperatures are expected to average 25°C in Bern today. Authorities advise people to stay indoors and to drink plenty of fluids.” This is what weather forecasts in Switzerland may sound like very soon as the country goes full […]

German Green Party Election Program Can Serve As Warning To USA – An Economy Killer

A look at the naïve platform of the German Green Party, who currently stand no. 2 in German polls after briefly occupying the top position – ahead of Merkel’s CDU/CSU party.  In March the German “Alliance 90,  The Greens” – or simply called “The Green Party” released its election program in the run up to […]

While “Experts” Like To Have Us Believe Germany Is Still In Drought – Real Observations Tell Us Another Story

Continued claims of a German drought have become preposterous. During today’s Sunday walk, I observed how much rain we’ve been getting here in northwest Germany lately – see photos below. Many of the farmers’ fields have become flooded, streams and rivers are at high levels and ditches are full of water. Yet, some alarmists out […]