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Alarmist Fantasies Exposed: UN Get’s Hit For Fraudulent, Misleading Press Release On Natural Disasters

The UNDRR report’s Foreword and press release were opposite the report’s own findings, and spread panic when none was warranted. German Die kalte Sonne site here presents its latest video on climate news. Today we look at the first part focusing on the UN’s assessment of “Human Costs of Disasters”. It turns out the press […]

Germany’s DWD Weather Service Annuls All-Time Heat Record, Concedes Station Siting Problems

Germany’s DWD reverses, annuls Lingen’s July 25, 2019 all-time 42.6°C record high temperature. Station siting was not up to standard, had caused inflated readings.  Media berserk over all-time record high Back in July 2019, the German media and the German DWD national weather service went into overdrive when the Lingen-Germany  station, located in northwest Germany […]

Number Of Global Wild Fires Trending Down Since 2003. Northern Ocean Heat Content Drops Since 2010

Dr. Sebastian Lüning recently started his own weekly YouTube videos on climate news in German: Klimaschau. Global wild fires on the decline  In his latest video the veteran geologist looks at wild fires worldwide and the CO2 they emit. He reports that both have been decreasing. Citing the results of the European Copernicus satellite atmosphere […]

Spiegel Article By Stefan Rahmstorf Has “Nothing In The Least To Do With Science”…”Embarrassing”

The world is going underwater?…Really? By Die kalte Sonne (Translated/edited, subheadings by P. Gosselin) “Der Spiegel” has an in-house columnist on climate issues: Stefan Rahmstorf from PIK Potsdam. His latest prank: “Why the sea level is rising faster and faster“. He writes in the introduction, citing data: The rate of rise has doubled during this period, […]

Thanks To NTZ Readers! In 2021 We Face Censorship, And A Very Challenging Climate-Policy Year

Deep thanks to all NTZ readers for your loyalty and support! North Germany. Image: NotricksZone Now we look forward to 2021 and our aim will be to continue presenting many peer-reviewed literature and reports that show all the talk about serious AGW is a lot of hysteria and a hoax. NTZ delivers scientific climate publications […]

Alarmism Dies In The Maldives: 97% Of 186 Island Coasts Have Grown (59%) Or Not Changed (38%) Since 2005

Despite sea level rise, a 2019 global analysis (Duvat, 2019) found 89% of 709 island coasts have been either stable or growing in size in recent decades. A new Maldives-only study (Duvat, 2020) finds rapid (>3 to >50%) coastal growth in 110 of 186 Maldives islands from 2005 to 2016. Just 5 islands – 2.7% […]

Canada, Iceland November Mean Temperatures Cooling…Sweden Temperatures 200 Years Unchanged

Climate Unchange has Greta pulling her hair out…nothing really to be alarmed about.  By Kirye and Pierre First we start by noting how Greta Thunberg has been obsessed with the climate of the globe and that of her home Sweden. She claims it is changing dangerously fast and how this is supposedly unprecedented. But a recent […]

German Scientists’ Climate Skeptic Book Soars To No. 1 On Amazon List For “Engineering And Technology”

A new book challenging the climate hysteria, which Greta has helped whip in Germany has hit the German bookshelves: Unerwünschte Wahrheiten. Was Sie über den Klimawandel wissen sollen” (Unwanted Truths. What You Need To Know About Climate Change): Image: Amazon “Unwanted Truths” has reached No. 1 at Amazon in the category “Engineering and Technology”, so […]

German Psychotherapists Offer Free Workshops For Youth Struggling With Climate Crisis Emotional Strain

Climate alarm fatigue syndrome: Climate alarmism turning the youth into emotional basket cases…once again Germany talks itself into a new psychosis.  Image cropped from Twitter GIF file. Here’s a short but interesting report on how all the climate alarmism in Germany is now taking a psychological toll, especially on the youth. Hat-tip Die kalte Sonne. […]

The Super-Spreaders Of Panic… COVID-19 Hype, Hysteria Have Reached Dimensions of Absurdity

We hear it from the panic-obsessed media and politicians all the time. Even kids too have to go to school with masks and maintain distance from one another. Large events are being called super-spreaders and so being shut down. Global travel restrictions abound. The virus is far more dangerous than the influenza and we are […]