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‘It was sad having to leave’: Climate crisis splits Alaskan town in half

All of Newtok’s 400 residents will have to move to higher ground but funding shortages and Covid means some are being left behind Two years ago, Lisa Charles and her family moved from their lifelong home in the town of Newtok, Alaska, to Mertarvik, a 30-minute trip by boat or snow machine depending on the […]

Climate change is turning shellfish toxic — and threatening Alaska Natives

Phyllis Clough was driving to the post office in the tiny Alaskan village of Old Harbor one summer afternoon when her lips went numb. Within minutes, her mouth was swollen and the numbness had spread to the rest of her face. She learned how close she had come to catastrophe at the local clinic the […]

Arctic wildfires are releasing as much carbon as Belgium did last year

During the past few weeks, the top of the world has been burning. Vast swaths of the Arctic, from Alaska to Siberia, are on fire, with scientific agencies breaking out the term “unprecedented” to describe the situation. To the ecologists who work in the Arctic, this pyrotechnic summer is both weird and weirdly unsurprising: This […]