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New Study: Modelers Got Aerosols All Wrong…CO2 Climate Sensitivity Likely Another 0.4°C Overstated!

Die kalte Sonne reports on a new aerosol study by Liu et al. The results are a major blow to the high greenhouse-gas climate sensitivity modelers. IPCC scientists have a favorite wild card they often use to explain serious model discrepancies: aerosols. Mysterious cooling events in the past are often explained away by aerosols from […]

Temperature Bottom Falling Out: Antarctica’s Coldest Half-Year Since Measurements Began 60 Years Ago

Antarctica sets a record cold six month period…Neumayer station sets new winter record low, sees rapid cooling since 2000! German Die kalte Sonne here features Antarctica’s record cold winter – the coldest since temperature measurements began some 60 years ago. Coldest April-September period The Amundsen Scott station at the South Pole recorded a mean temperature […]

Antarctic Temperatures Were ‘Up To 5°C Above Modern’ From 12,000–2,000 Years BP

A new study indicates that from 4,000 years ago until as recently as 1,500 years ago, or when CO2 levels ranged between 255 and 270 ppm, lake levels in Antarctica were as high as 60 meters above today’s levels. This coincided with “warmer-than-modern paleoclimate throughout the Holocene.”  During the last 2,000 years, Antarctica’s temperatures have […]

South Pole Sees Record Cold Winter, Smashing 1976 Record …WaPo Admits “Chill Was Exceptional”

Record Antarctic winter this year (April to September) at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station with average of -61.1 ° C, the coldest on record. Illustrative image: NASA. Hat-tip: Régis Crépet The previous record was -60.6°C in 1976. Operated by United States Antarctic Program, the South Pole station this past summer was “the coldest on record, […]

Body Of Evidence: All Of Antarctica Is Cooling… Peninsula Cooling Since Long Before Greta Was Born

The IPCC 6th Report seems to have missed a lot, hasn’t it? Recent publications since the 5th Report show ALL OF ANTARCTICA, including the peninsula, has cooled since the late 1990s.  Friday I wrote about how the entire continent of Antarctica (except its peninsula) was found by leading scientists to be cooling significantly. The publication […]

Scientists Find “Surprising” And “Statistically Significant” Cooling Trend Over Entire Continental Antarctica

East Antarctica, which covers two thirds of the South Pole, has cooled a whopping 2.8°C over the past 4 decades; West Antarctica approximately 1.6°C. ..only tiny Antarctic Peninsula saw statistically insignificant warming. German climate website Die kalte Sonne posted its 64th climate video here and examined a new paper on Antarctica by Zhu et al […]

Until Recently Scientists Believed Climate Change Has Been Melting Antarctic Glaciers. Now They Do Not.

According to a new study, 36% of 1979-2017 Antarctic ice loss was from the Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers. Scientists believed this glacier melt was due to anthropogenic climate change “until recently”. Now they say the glacier mass losses are due to the thin underlying crust and anomalously high geothermal heat in this region. We’ve […]

New Study: Antarctica Added 0.76 cm To Sea Levels Since 1992…Ice Extent Has Been Advancing Since 2009

Current climate alarmist fervor can be wholly undermined by the magnitude of change for the Antarctic ice sheet in recent decades. It’s IPCC AR6 Day (10 August, 2021) – a day devoted to celebratory alarmism. Here’s the larger perspective. The most concerning aspect of global warming is often identified as the threat of rising sea […]