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New Study: A ‘Profound’ ~1°C Cooling Trend Across East Antarctica Since 1979 Is ‘Likely To Accelerate’

Except for a few pockets of warming along the West Antarctic coast, surface air temperatures have cooled profoundly across East Antarctica – most of the continent, as well as the surrounding Southern Ocean – in the last 40 years (1979-2018). About 30% of the cooling can be explained by Madden-Julian Oscillation forcing. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations […]

New Study: Southern Ocean Sea Surface Salinity Level “Unexpected”…Climate Models “Very Much A Construction Site”

The 44th climate report by Die kalte Sonne here looks at the CO2 intake by the Southern Ocean, which absorbs about a tenth of man’s CO2 emissions. A new study by a team of climate researchers from the University of Bern in Switzerland published at the end of April, 2021, found that the Southern Ocean […]

New Study: Burden Of Proof Is On AGW Proponents As Ice Cores ‘Invalidate’ CO2-Driven Climate Change

A French physicist recounts the evidence affirming temperature changes are the cause of changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations throughout the last 423 thousand years of the ice core record, thus invalidating the claims of more than a negligible role for CO2 in affecting climate changes. In a new study  Dr. Pascal Richet re-emphasizes the “most […]

Rainforests Near The South Pole And Summers 38°C Warmer Than Today During The Age Of Dinosaurs

Fossilized evidence of temperate rainforests only hundreds of kilometers from Antarctica’s South Pole (82°S) has been uncovered. It suggests the warmest mean month was 18.5°C about 90 million years ago. Today the warmest mean month for this location is about -20°C. Image Source: EarthSky (press release for Klages et al., 2020) Despite rapidly rising CO2 […]

New Study: Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Now Extends ~80 km Farther North Than Prior Estimates

It was previously thought the northern limit for Southern Hemisphere sea ice was 55°S. But recent declines in surface air temperatures in southernmost South America have led to sea ice formation creeping 80 to 100 kilometers further north than previous estimates. Since 2000, sea ice has been extending well into 54°S. The southernmost tip of […]

Uncovered: CO2 In Modern Ice Reaches 900 – 70,000 ppm – Wildly Incompatible With Atmospheric Levels

It’s considered canonical that global-scale atmospheric levels of CO2 from thousands of years ago can be precisely discerned just by examining air bubbles in ancient snow and ice from Antarctica. But an examination of the CO2 levels in modern snow and ice shows there are gigantic discrepancies between the measurements of CO2 in ice versus […]

March Sea Ice: Arctic Stable 16 Years, Gains 504,000 Sq Km Since 2017! Antarctic Above Mean!

Though it has dropped since its peak in 1979, Arctic sea ice extent in March has remained stable since 2005. There are two months that are of particular interest in the Arctic: September, when sea ice reaches its minimum, and March, when it reaches its maximum. Gains 504,000 sq km. Today we look at Arctic […]

Antarctic Sea Ice Grows 2 Million Sq. Km – Area As Big As Saudi Arabia. And: Hamburg Spring Arriving Later…

Antarctic sea ice grows 2 million square kilometers in 4 years… It’s hard to back up the statement: Global warming is global. Some places have seen warming over the past 40 years (e.g. Arctic), but other places have not. Antarctica definitely has not been playing along with the man-made global warming hoax. (Yes, man has […]

Stalled Warming: Global Mean Temperature Continues To Cool, Polar Sea Ice Stable At Normal Levels

By Snowfan Global cool-down. 2m-temperature-deviation in March 2021 cut in half compared to a year earlier. Source: Karsten Haustein. Global “Rahmstorf warming” continues in March 2021. Like January and February,March 2021 has so far been significantly colder than the same month last year. In the NCEP analysis up to 17 March 2021 and in the […]

Alfred Wegener Institute Sea Ice Extent: “Both Polar Regions At NORMAL LEVELS”…Siberia 6-8°C Colder

Alfred Wegener Institute: Sea ice development in both polar regions at normal level Arctic On 31 January, 2021, the sea-ice extent in the Arctic was 14.29 million km², roughly the same level as in the previous two years. In terms of the long-term trend for the month, January 2021 comes in at 7th place with […]