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More than 1,000 firefighters battle blaze spreading along California coast

Alisal fire has burned more than 15,000 acres in the Santa Ynez mountains and threatened more than 100 ranches and rural homes A wildfire raging through southern California coastal mountains threatened ranches and rural homes and kept a major highway shut down on Wednesday, as the fire-scarred state faced a new round of dry winds […]

States across American west see hottest summer on record as climate crisis rages

California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah faced historic heatwaves, which were made possible by human-caused global heating, a study found California experienced its hottest summer on record this year as the climate crisis caused deadly heatwaves and intense wildfires in the state and across the American west. Related: ‘Fire weather’: dangerous days now far more […]

Lightning threatens California as fires continue to burn across the state

A hot, dry landscape combined with strong winds and no rain increase the risk of new ignitions in a region already battling flames Ominous weather is again threatening areas of California as dozens of fires continue to burn, with hot, dry conditions and forecasted thunderstorms prompting officials to issue warnings through parts of the state’s […]

As the climate crisis deepens the UK’s attitude to summer begins to shift

Season now has a health warning and people may lose associations of joy, relaxation and celebration Beware summer! The season we used to anticipate as the lightest, brightest, balmiest time of the year now comes with a health warning. For the first time in the UK, the Met Office issued an extreme heat advisory this […]

Health warnings as Death Valley scorches in 54.4C heat

Severity of hot spell in western US underlines dangerous impact of human-caused climate disruption Excessive heat warnings remained in place across swathes of the western US on Monday after Death Valley in California registered what could prove to be the highest reliably recorded temperature on Earth. After a cascade of record heatwaves in Canada, north-west […]

In California’s interior, there’s no escape from the desperate heat: ‘Why are we even here?’

Soaring temperatures are a way of life in the Central Valley, but racial disparities mean many have no access to relief In Cantua, a small town deep within California’s farming heartland, the heat had always been a part of life. “We can do nothing against it,” said Julia Mendoza, who’s lived in this town for […]

Most wildfire coverage on American TV news fails to mention link to climate crisis

A media watchdog analysis found that just 15% of broadcast news segments over a September weekend made the connection to climate breakdown Most news coverage of the wildfires raging in California, Washington and Oregon on American TV channels made no mention of the connection between the historic fires and climate crisis, according to a new […]

Wildfire smoke is a silent killer — and climate change is making it worse

wildfire smoke is a silent killer and climate change is making it worse - Wildfire smoke is a silent killer — and climate change is making it worse

As the Kincade Fire burned through some 80,000 acres in Northern California, Ismael Barcenas, felt his lungs burning and “knots in [his] throat.” Barcenas, a farmhand at a vineyard in Santa Rosa, has asthma but kept showing up to work and choking through the smoke. After a few days, Barcenas left the county for cleaner […]

Killing California car pollution rules could also kill speed limits

killing california car pollution rules could also kill speed limits - Killing California car pollution rules could also kill speed limits

If you want to upend a half-century of legal tradition, you better have a damn-solid argument to justify your move. Especially if it’s a legal move so broad that it could nullify local speed limits. President Donald Trump is attempting a tectonic upheaval of precedent by telling California it can’t set its own rules for […]

Are big cars really safer like Trump says?

are big cars really safer like trump says - Are big cars really safer like Trump says?

President Trump has been threatening to get rid of California’s special ability to set stricter emissions standards for vehicles for more than two years. On Wednesday morning, he took to Twitter to make it official. His reasoning reflected a misunderstanding held by Americans of all political stripes, but, yes, it was still hogwash. “The Trump […]