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Veteran Chemical Engineer: Recent Warming Likely Caused By Relative Humidity Decrease, Not CO2 GHG

Global Warming Driven by Relative Humidity Decrease, Not CO2 GHG! Solution: More Ocean Evaporation By David R. Motes Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is quantitatively driven by a steady relative humidity decrease of 0.13%/year throughout the troposphere since 1970 per the chart below, and not CO2 GHG (Green House Gas).  The resulting evaporation reduction is a […]

Mainstream Science Says CO2 Radiatively Cools Most Of The Atmospheres Of Earth, Venus, And Mars

For decades it has been widely accepted that rising CO2 is responsible for radiatively cooling the air above the troposphere to space…even where space is warming. It’s considered common knowledge that CO2 molecules radiatively warm the tropospheres (~0-12 km) of planets like Earth, Mars, and Venus (Sharma and Wintersteiner, 1990), but they otherwise radiatively cool […]

Forest Degradation A Major Climatic Warming Driver, Study Finds. CO2-Induced Tree Growth Cools?

A new study published in the journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence shows that forestry management has a significant influence on the cooling capacity of forests. Our cooling forests. Photo: Copyright P. Gosselin Also the study’s findings suggest that the added growth tree growth  The study shows why burning trees in “sustainable” biomass plants using wood […]

1970s-’80s ‘Physics’ Said Doubling CO2 Produced Just 0.2°C – 0.8°C Warming. Then ‘Physics’ Changed.

Forty to 50 years ago there was “general agreement” in estimates of the resulting radiative forcing (1 to 2 W/m²) and surface temperature change (0.5°C ±0.3°C) when directly doubling CO2 concentrations from 280 to 560 ppm. By the late 1980s the “consensus” estimates doubled to 3.7 W/m² forcing and 1.2°C warming instead. Apparently “basic physics” […]

New Study Inadvertently Slays The Narrative: Emissions Reductions From Lockdowns Added WARMING!

It has been assumed COVID lockdowns and their associated reductions in human CO2 emissions would be a “step in the right direction” with regard to climate change mitigation. But a new study finds the particulate (aerosol) pollution reductions from less industrial and transportation activity in Europe during the months of March to May (2020) actually […]

New Study: Burden Of Proof Is On AGW Proponents As Ice Cores ‘Invalidate’ CO2-Driven Climate Change

A French physicist recounts the evidence affirming temperature changes are the cause of changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations throughout the last 423 thousand years of the ice core record, thus invalidating the claims of more than a negligible role for CO2 in affecting climate changes. In a new study  Dr. Pascal Richet re-emphasizes the “most […]

Paradigm-Busting New Study Affirms CO2 Doesn’t Drive Climate – Water, Clouds Do

A professor of hydrology from the University of Athens eviscerates the “naïve” paradigm that says the natural state of Earth’s climate is constancy and stability, only changing when an “external agent” (i.e., a rapid increase in fossil fuel emissions ) acts upon it. Instead, (a) water is the main element driving climate and (b) the […]

Physics Prof. Concludes CO2 Climate Effect Is ‘Fairly Negligible’ – Adds Just 0.5°C For A Doubling To 760 ppm

A new CO2 climate sensitivity study suggests that, beyond the 300 ppm threshold, “any further increase of (anthropogenic) CO2 cannot lead to an appreciably stronger absorption of radiation, and consequently cannot affect the earth’s climate.” Dr. Schildknecht is a Bielefeld University physics professor affiliated with the Max Planck Institute in Munich. His equilibrium climate sensitivity […]

Physicists’ Lab Experiment Shows A CO2 Increase From 0.04% To 100% Leads To No Observable Warming

Two University of Oslo physicists designed several variations of a tabletop experiment trying to confirm the IPCC’s claimed CO2-forcing capacity. Instead they found (a) 100% (1,000,000 ppm) CO2 “heats” air to about the same temperature that non-greenhouse gases (N2, O2 [air], Ar) do, and (b) no significant temperature difference in containers with 0.04% vs. 100% […]

Molecular Physicist’s New Publications Add To The List of Over 130 Low CO2 Climate Sensitivity Papers

Several more estimates of extremely low CO2 climate sensitivity have been added to the database in the last year. The collection of scientific papers that assess a very low (under 1°C for a doubling of CO2) or a non-quantified, but negligible climate sensitivity has swelled to over 130. In 2015, when it was first published, there […]