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Great Barrier Reef on verge of another mass bleaching after highest temperatures on record?

This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Temperatures over the Great Barrier Reef in December were the highest on record with “alarming” levels of heat that have put the ocean jewel on the verge of another mass bleaching of corals, according to analysis from U.S. government scientists seen by […]

Beyond greenwashing: How chain restaurants could actually address their climate pollution

When McDonald’s opened its first net-zero restaurant in the U.K. last month, the backlash was swift. Despite a number of measures to boost the location’s sustainability — insulation made from sheep’s wool, on-site wind turbines and solar panels, and a biodiversity garden sustained by rainwater collected from the parking lot — environmental advocates cried foul, […]

Virginia’s governor-elect wants to get rid of cap-and-trade. There’s just one problem.

Last year, during the height of summer temperatures and under the eye of a Democratic governor, Virginia became the latest state to join a program to cut greenhouse gas emissions from coal, gas, and other power plants.  Now, however, Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin has vowed to yank Virginia out of the agreement by executive action, […]