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5 Nigerian Physicists Predict Global Cooling In The Next 80 Years: 2100 Will Be 0.5°C Colder Than 2018

Scientists: Due to the decline in solar geomagnetic activity the Earth is poised to endure a cooling period over the coming decades, with the coldest temperatures arriving by 2038 or 2039 ±11 years. Human greenhouse gas emissions are not likely the cause of recent temperature changes; geomagnetic activity is. Nor will greenhouse gases reverse the effects […]

The IPCC CO2 Climate Narrative: A “Behemoth On Clay Feet” …Ready To Collapse

The earth’s history provides the solid proof that acquits CO2. The IPCC’s claim of CO2 being the dominant climate factor is a behemoth on clay feet.  By Fred F. Mueller Have you ever had an uneasy feeling when watching the aggressive, intolerant stance of the apologists of “man-made climate catastrophe” against all critics? The overwhelming […]

Global Coal Consumption Reaches New Record High In 2021…China, India Consuming Two Thirds

According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Coal 2021 report, coal-fired electricity generation reached an all-time high in 2021, increasing a whopping 9% in 2021. Chart source: IEA The increase was driven by the rapid economic recovery. Globally, a total of 10,350 terawatt-hours of electricity was generated from coal. Even worse in terms of the […]

New Study: Absorbed Solar Radiation Increased From 1998-2017…Explaining Ocean Warming

The net climate forcing from albedo changes can account for the increase in ocean heat content in recent decades. Scientists (Goode et al., 2021) have determined Earth’s albedo declined from 1998-2017, driving a +0.5 W/m² net increase in absorbed solar radiation, a positive energy imbalance. Image Source: Goode et al., 2021 The authors report it […]

2 More Studies: The Climate’s CO2 Sensitivity Is Low…Models Erroneously Overestimate CO2 Warming

Astrophysicists conclude climate models are deeply flawed. Doubling CO2 to 560 ppm only elicits about 1°C warming. Dr. Frank Stefani is an astrophysicist who has published several recent papers (Stefani et al., 2016,  Stefani et al., 2017, Stefani et al., 2018, Stefani et al., 2019, Stefani et al., 2020) on the role of solar cycles […]

@Greta: IEA Expects 2021 To Be Record Year For Global Coal-Fired Electricity Generation…”Highs As Soon As 2022?!

Despite all the billions invested in green energies, they haven’t been able to prove themselves as a reliable source of electricity. Wind and sun are just too volatile, and inefficient. So it’s little surprise that the International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that the amount of electricity generated worldwide from coal is surging towards a new […]

Physicists: Climate Model Error Overestimates CO2 Impact On Global Temps By Factor Of 5

A new study suggests CO2 molecules have little consequential impact affecting outgoing radiation, and that climate models attribute global temperature effects to CO2 that are fundamentally erroneous. Russian physicists (Smirnov and Zhilyaev, 2021) have published a peer-reviewed paper in the Advances in Fundamental Physics Special Issue for the journal Foundations. They assesses the role of […]

Veteran Chemical Engineer: Recent Warming Likely Caused By Relative Humidity Decrease, Not CO2 GHG

Global Warming Driven by Relative Humidity Decrease, Not CO2 GHG! Solution: More Ocean Evaporation By David R. Motes Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is quantitatively driven by a steady relative humidity decrease of 0.13%/year throughout the troposphere since 1970 per the chart below, and not CO2 GHG (Green House Gas).  The resulting evaporation reduction is a […]