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Pressure on UK as Germany backs ending free carbon permits for airlines

Boris Johnson has pledged to give details of how UK will meet its climate targets before Cop26 The German government is backing an extension of EU carbon pricing that will end free carbon permits for airlines, putting pressure on the UK to put in place a similar package to meet climate targets. The European Commission […]

Gordon Brown: Boris Johnson’s mistakes could still catch up with him

Exclusive: ex-PM cites example of Margaret Thatcher whose political demise came soon after landslide win Boris Johnson’s conduct in office could still sink him despite his buoyancy in opinion polls, Gordon Brown has said, recalling the demise of Margaret Thatcher three years after a landslide election victory because “mistakes … caught up with her”. The […]

Climate crisis: Boris Johnson ‘too cosy’ with vested interests to take serious action

Report author calls for thorough clean-up of political donations, directorships and embedded interns Boris Johnson’s government is “too cosy” with vested interests in business to take strong action on the climate crisis, the author of a report on “the polluting elite”, has warned. Peter Newell, a professor of international relations at the University of Sussex, […]

Participatory politics and the point of parliament

Alex Bradbury of Extinction Rebellion on the climate assembly; John Bourn on the Coronavirus Act; and Karl Gehring on why Switzerland has the right approach In your editorial on the UK’s climate assembly (The Guardian view on acclimatising democracy: deliberation, not confusion, 11 September), you said that Extinction Rebellion had rejected the assembly’s recommendations. That […]

The Guardian view on the green recovery: Britain is being left behind | Editorial

The government talks a good game when it comes to radical policymaking. But its failure to invest in a zero-carbon future tells a different story Senior figures in this government like to view themselves as insurgents against a hidebound Whitehall establishment. This is partly because Boris Johnson won the last election after pledging to “get […]

The Guardian view on the climate and coronavirus: global warnings | Editorial

Steep falls in emissions have been the pandemic’s immediate effect. But what’s needed is a green recovery Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage So far, discussions of a coronavirus exit strategy have mainly focused on the steps that could bring an end to the lockdown. In the short term, both in the […]

Former energy minister removed as UN climate talks chair

Source says officials in COP26 unit could not work with Claire O’Neill in run-up to Glasgow talks Claire O’Neill, the former UK energy minister who was to lead the UN climate talks this year in Glasgow, has been removed from the post. Her sacking comes as Boris Johnson prepares to launch the UK’s strategy for […]

Disinformation on Australian bushfires should not be spread by ministers | Letter

A group of scientists respond after UK government minister Heather Wheeler stated that it had been ‘widely reported on social media that 75% of the fires were started by arsonists’ We write as scientists alarmed that a minister has ignored scientific evidence, relying instead on grossly misleading social media sources. In the House of Commons […]

Climate crisis topping UK election agenda is ‘unprecedented’ change

Environmentalists say such political focus on green issues ‘unthinkable’ just five years ago The climate emergency has risen to the top of the UK’s election agenda in a way that would have been “unthinkable” even five years ago, leading environmentalists have said, predicting that it augurs a permanent change in British politics. On Wednesday, Labour […]

Thoughts on the Lib Dem, Green and Plaid Cymru remain election pact | Letters

Magi Young says Greens have far more in common with Labour, Tim Johnson believes this is the first proper application of tactical voting by established parties, while Martin Shaw makes an appeal to Lib Dems The Greens’ electoral alliance with the Liberal Democrats (and Plaid Cymru) risks throwing their eco-socialism out with the remain bathwater […]