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New Study: There Is No Extreme Precipitation, Drought, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado….Climate Crisis

After a thorough examination of extreme weather indices across the globe, scientists (Alimonti et al., 2022) have concluded “none of these response indicators show a clear positive trend of extreme events.” Therefore. “the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we are experiencing today, is not evident yet.” There is an “absence of generalized growth […]

Official Data: In Terms Of Precipitation; In Austria There’s Been No Climate Change At All In 140 Years

The Austrian Alps have seen no trend change in terms of precipitation since 1880, official data show.  Climate alarmists have climate horror scenarios for every corner of the globe, and that includes the Austrian Alps. Climate models warn that snow will disappear soon and even gravely harm the ski industry unless we vaccinate the climate […]

Tony Heller Exposes How The Earth’s Climate Was Riddled With Extremes 100 Years Ago

In the following video, Tony Heller exposes what a fraud the “climate crisis” of today really is. Those demanding we completely overhaul our liberal socio-economic system and play risky socialist experiments on it because of the “man-made climate crisis” are political snake-oil salespeople. As Tony shows, extremely devastating weather events are nothing new and were […]

Europe’s Post-2000 (Mini) Droughts Far Less Severe, Prolonged Than Little Ice Age Megadroughts

A new study affirms Europe’s worst one-year droughts of the 21st century (2003, 2015, and 2018) have been far less severe than the 50+ consecutive years of “megadroughts” linked to the solar-minima-induced coldest decades of the 15th to 19th centuries. There is a clear link between cooler temperatures and aridity documented in the scientific literature […]

New Study: No Trend In Compound Natural Disasters Across Australia Since 1966

Three new studies affirm there has been no significant change in natural disasters, precipitation, or bushfire across Australia for the last several decades. Instances when perilous flooding, drought, bushfire, cyclones, storms, heatwaves…occur at the nearly same time are classified as “compound disaster” events. Across Australia, there has been no statistically significant trend in compound disaster […]

Media Claims Of Persistent Summer Droughts Take A Bath, German Summer Precipitation Trend Steady Since 1950

By Frank Bosse (Die kalte Sonne) Over the past few summers, the media have been repeatedly tried t sell us an “increasing summer rainfall deficit” as an effect of climate change. What about precipitation at the end of summer 2021? Chart: Summer precipitation. Data source German DWD national weather service. Image by Frank Bosse Since […]

Wildfires Spike Every Fourth Of July, When Americans Celebrate “Independence”

Just a couple of anecdotes today… Happy 4th of July everyone, though personally I don’t there’s really much left to celebrate anymore. Government lockdowns and social media censoring of legitimate opposing opinions remind me of Cold War time Communist countries. We’re not free anymore, and so celebrating “freedom” is a bit of joke. Independence Day […]

Several More New Studies Show Drought Is Now Less Common And Severe Than Centuries, Millennia Ago

Scientists continue to publish new drought reconstructions indicating there were far more frequent and severe drought periods in the past several thousand years than anything observed in the modern period. A new study (Berg and McColl, 2021) indicates there have long been “qualitatively incorrect” estimates of the impact modern and future warming has on drought […]

While “Experts” Like To Have Us Believe Germany Is Still In Drought – Real Observations Tell Us Another Story

Continued claims of a German drought have become preposterous. During today’s Sunday walk, I observed how much rain we’ve been getting here in northwest Germany lately – see photos below. Many of the farmers’ fields have become flooded, streams and rivers are at high levels and ditches are full of water. Yet, some alarmists out […]