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New Study: No Trend In Compound Natural Disasters Across Australia Since 1966

Three new studies affirm there has been no significant change in natural disasters, precipitation, or bushfire across Australia for the last several decades. Instances when perilous flooding, drought, bushfire, cyclones, storms, heatwaves…occur at the nearly same time are classified as “compound disaster” events. Across Australia, there has been no statistically significant trend in compound disaster […]

Media Claims Of Persistent Summer Droughts Take A Bath, German Summer Precipitation Trend Steady Since 1950

By Frank Bosse (Die kalte Sonne) Over the past few summers, the media have been repeatedly tried t sell us an “increasing summer rainfall deficit” as an effect of climate change. What about precipitation at the end of summer 2021? Chart: Summer precipitation. Data source German DWD national weather service. Image by Frank Bosse Since […]

Wildfires Spike Every Fourth Of July, When Americans Celebrate “Independence”

Just a couple of anecdotes today… Happy 4th of July everyone, though personally I don’t there’s really much left to celebrate anymore. Government lockdowns and social media censoring of legitimate opposing opinions remind me of Cold War time Communist countries. We’re not free anymore, and so celebrating “freedom” is a bit of joke. Independence Day […]

Several More New Studies Show Drought Is Now Less Common And Severe Than Centuries, Millennia Ago

Scientists continue to publish new drought reconstructions indicating there were far more frequent and severe drought periods in the past several thousand years than anything observed in the modern period. A new study (Berg and McColl, 2021) indicates there have long been “qualitatively incorrect” estimates of the impact modern and future warming has on drought […]

While “Experts” Like To Have Us Believe Germany Is Still In Drought – Real Observations Tell Us Another Story

Continued claims of a German drought have become preposterous. During today’s Sunday walk, I observed how much rain we’ve been getting here in northwest Germany lately – see photos below. Many of the farmers’ fields have become flooded, streams and rivers are at high levels and ditches are full of water. Yet, some alarmists out […]

Next Doomsday “Crisis”: GLOBAL WATER SHORTAGE…Meat Lockdown Needed, Potsdam Scientist Suggests

The COVID crisis worked wonderfully for the cheerleaders and addicts of lockdowns. It showed that it was indeed possible to panic the pubic enough to get them to accept restrictions and lockdowns. WANTED: NEW CRISIS TO SUCCEED COVID 19 But everyone knows that the days are numbered for the COVID crisis, and so another crisis […]

New Study Crushes IPCC Alarm…Hails A 22% Global Decline In Natural Disaster Death Risk Since 1990s

With data showing individual death risk from natural disasters (floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes…) declined from 7.2 per million population in the 1990s to 5.6 in the 2010s, a new study takes aim at the IPCC’s “subjective opinion” labeling method in the manufacture of climate alarm. Per an exhaustive data analysis (Broccard, 2021), both the global-scale […]

Evidence Surfaces That Northeast China Was 2-3°C Warmer Than Today During The Mid-1800s

Northeast China has not been cooperating with the anthropogenic global warming narrative. A few years ago NE China was shown to be up to 7-9°C warmer than present during the Early Holocene (Zheng et al., 2018), when CO2 concentrations drifted around 260 ppm. Image Source: Zheng et al., 2018 Now two new studies indicate this […]

New Study: Drought In Western US Is 84% Driven By Internal Variability And 16% By Ocean Cooling

An assessment of the 1856-2012 drought frequency/intensity along the US West Coast leaves no role for human activity in hydroclimate. Across the globe, no clear precipitation trends have been observed in the last several decades (Nguyen et al., 2018) Image Source: Nguyen et al., 2018 Instead of an intensification of the hydrological cycle projected by […]

Climate Scare Story Gets Doused…Global Wildfires Have Declined Since NASA Began Recording Data

Despite media claims of increasing wildfires across the globe, data show the opposite is in fact the case: wildfires have been trending downwards since NASA started recording data. Two days ago Kenneth wrote about how paleoclimatological findings suggested wild fires in Australia and the northwestern US raged with greater frequency and regularity until 500 to […]