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New Study Crushes IPCC Alarm…Hails A 22% Global Decline In Natural Disaster Death Risk Since 1990s

With data showing individual death risk from natural disasters (floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes…) declined from 7.2 per million population in the 1990s to 5.6 in the 2010s, a new study takes aim at the IPCC’s “subjective opinion” labeling method in the manufacture of climate alarm. Per an exhaustive data analysis (Broccard, 2021), both the global-scale […]

New Study: Drought In Western US Is 84% Driven By Internal Variability And 16% By Ocean Cooling

An assessment of the 1856-2012 drought frequency/intensity along the US West Coast leaves no role for human activity in hydroclimate. Across the globe, no clear precipitation trends have been observed in the last several decades (Nguyen et al., 2018) Image Source: Nguyen et al., 2018 Instead of an intensification of the hydrological cycle projected by […]

Climate Scare Story Gets Doused…Global Wildfires Have Declined Since NASA Began Recording Data

Despite media claims of increasing wildfires across the globe, data show the opposite is in fact the case: wildfires have been trending downwards since NASA started recording data. Two days ago Kenneth wrote about how paleoclimatological findings suggested wild fires in Australia and the northwestern US raged with greater frequency and regularity until 500 to […]

Biomass, Palm Oil, Wind-Parks: Climate Protection Measures Costing Tons Of Money, Destroying Forests

Many “climate protection” policies promote the destruction of forests. Image: NASA (public domain).  The climate alarmist Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) says climate protection policies are more than 5 times more expensive than they have to be. More trees are the way to go. Yet climate protection is driving the […]

Climate Change Blamed For Lake Victoria Record High Levels (After Being Blamed For Low Levels)!

Science absurdity… “Climate experts” blame climate change for Lake Victoria record high levels, after blaming climate change for the low levels in 2006.  Today we look at one particular segment of Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s highly interesting, newly released climate change news show Klimaschau (Climate View). Very low level in 2006 In it he examines Lake […]

Number Of Global Wild Fires Trending Down Since 2003. Northern Ocean Heat Content Drops Since 2010

Dr. Sebastian Lüning recently started his own weekly YouTube videos on climate news in German: Klimaschau. Global wild fires on the decline  In his latest video the veteran geologist looks at wild fires worldwide and the CO2 they emit. He reports that both have been decreasing. Citing the results of the European Copernicus satellite atmosphere […]

Junk Journalism: NYT’s Claim “More Torrential Rains” In Japan Takes A Bath, No Basis

The Kyushu region of Japan has been getting lots of rain lately, which has led to flooding and 62 reported deaths because local officials failed to properly heed warnings to evacuate. The New York Times, however, blames it all on the “collision” of “demographic change and global warming” instead of incompetence by local authorities. NYT […]

Climate Alarmist, PhD Physicist David Appell Fails Freshman Physics… Misunderstands Climate-Critical Evaporation

A comment by PhD physicist David Appell, a contributing writer to Scientific American and Nature,  shows he does not understand the fundamental climate-driving mechanism of water evaporation in a recent comment.  Amazon rain forest still exists despite very warm, year-round temperatures. Image cropped: NASA Many readers are familiar with climate alarm dogmatist David Appell. He […]