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‘It doesn’t have to be this way’: Lessons from the slow death of Louisiana’s oil industry

David Dismukes studies the energy industry for a living. As the executive director of the Center for Energy Studies at Louisiana State University, he has spent the last 30 years pinpointing the industry’s challenges and theorizing around it’s rapidly changing future. This is what he wants you to know: The energy transition from fossil fuels […]

Green incentives usually help the rich. Here’s how the Build Back Better Act could change that.

If the Build Back Better Act, Democrats’ $2.2 trillion climate and social welfare bill, passes the Senate later this month, it will come with thousands of dollars in incentives and tax credits for electric cars, solar panels, heat pumps, e-bikes, and even electric motorcycles. A family could get up to $12,500 off an electric car; […]

Black and Latino neighborhoods pay more for energy despite far lower emissions

Meet 60623, the Chicago zip code containing the North Lawndale and Little Village neighborhoods, one of the country’s biggest frontlines in the battle for environmental justice.  Tucked into the city’s Southwest Side, the once-industrial corridor is now a part of the region’s quickly growing warehouse and logistics network. What does that lead to? Air pollution. […]

I might have eaten the meal of the future. It cost $270 and left me hungry.

In the first half of the 20th century, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company built two skyscrapers just across the street from Madison Square Park in Manhattan. One of them is now home to Eleven Madison Park, widely considered one of the best restaurants in America, and the most prominent to announce its intentions to do […]

Top US regulators agree: Climate change is a major threat to the economy

For the first time in its 11-year history, a top U.S. financial regulatory body has formally recognized climate change as an “emerging threat” to the nation’s economic stability.  In a 133-page report released Thursday, the Financial Stability Oversight Council, or FSOC, noted that climate-fueled disasters are “increasing and already imposing substantial economic costs.” These costs […]

How economists helped Big Oil obstruct climate action for decades

For more than a decade, researchers and journalists have tried to lay bare the PR machine employed by fossil fuel companies to delay climate action. Science historian Naomi Oreskes’ Merchants of Doubt detailed the critical role some scientists played in denying the soundness of climate science. Later, an investigation by InsideClimate News revealed that while […]

Study: The rich can spur climate action — or uphold the status quo

Rich people are known for flying around in private jets, sailing breezily in yachts, and owning three too many vacation homes. So it’s no surprise that the moneyed are responsible for much more than their share of carbon emissions. According to one measure, the world’s wealthiest 1 percent produce twice the emissions of the poorest […]

One tiny chip is choking up America’s largest automotive factories

They may be smaller than the size of a matchbox, but a global shortage of semiconductor chips — the electric circuits that are essential for vehicle manufacturing — has brought the automotive industry in the United States to a halt. Last week, General Motors announced it would shut down production at nearly all of its […]

Can you recycle a hard drive? Google is quietly trying to find out

At a laboratory inside a Google data center in Mayes County, Oklahoma, researchers spent the fall of 2019 disassembling old hard disk drives by hand in order to extract a 2-inch-long component known as the magnet assembly. Consisting of two powerful rare earth magnets, the magnet assembly is a critical muscle within the hard drive, […]

As wildfires worsen, more California farms are deemed too risky to insure

Stu Smith got an email from his insurance company last summer with some bad news: His premium was more than quadrupling. Smith is the co-owner of Smith Madrone, a wine operation in the mountains of California’s Sonoma Valley, and he had held a wildfire insurance policy with the company for more than 30 years. Now, […]