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Why many food experts don’t want a new international body for food science

Two years of discussions and negotiations culminated on Thursday and Friday, as stakeholders from around the world convened for the first-ever United Nations Food Systems Summit. The event had been branded as a “historic opportunity to empower all people to leverage the power of food systems,” both to drive the global recovery from COVID-19 and […]

Floods, power outages, no running water: Jails during Hurricane Ida

Sadadra Davis spends hundreds of dollars every month to talk to her fiancé, Johnion Davis, on the phone. They’re inseparable, she says, even though he has spent the last few months incarcerated at Nelson Coleman Correctional Center in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, and each call runs about $5. But then Hurricane Ida made landfall on […]

No, eradicating poverty is not gonna mess with climate goals

For years, environmental researchers have been trying to understand if providing a decent living for everyone on Earth would be at odds with reaching our most ambitious climate goals. After all, eradicating poverty means consuming more energy: paving new roads, building hospitals and schools, and providing decent housing with clean water and heating. Some researchers […]

LA County moves to ban oil and gas drilling

When it comes to blocking oil and gas drilling, the Golden State has sometimes fallen short of its deep green reputation. But that may be changing after supervisors in Los Angeles County unanimously voted on Wednesday to end oil and gas drilling in the county’s unincorporated areas.  The move puts the nation’s most populous county […]

Study: Indigenous resistance has staved off 25% of U.S. and Canada’s annual emissions

A recent report by Indigenous Environmental Network, or IEN, and Oil Change International, or OCI, found that Indigenous-led resistance to 21 fossil fuel projects in the U.S. and Canada over the past decade has stopped or delayed an amount of greenhouse gas pollution equivalent to at least one-quarter of annual U.S. and Canadian emissions.  This […]

EPA might water down its cleanup standards for Seattle’s only river

It isn’t easy to undo a century of industrial pollution — or even agree on how to do it. Efforts to clean up the Lower Duwamish Waterway have been decades in the making. The five-mile stretch of Seattle’s only river was declared a Superfund site in 2001 after nearly 100 years of industrial activity, such […]

Hot days mean worse air. So why are climate and smog seen as separate?

Jorge Osvaldo Heredia lives in the San Bernardino foothills in a valley at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains, a stunning backdrop on most days. But come summer, the air pollution in San Bernardino gets so thick, like a “hot blanket of smog” that it obscures the view of the mountains from Heredia’s working-class, […]

Here’s what the census results mean for Biden’s efforts to clean up air and water

Much of the work of environmental justice — the fights to clean up the air and offer better access to green space — is about convincing those with political influence that the issues affecting everyday people matter and deserve legislative action.  For better or for worse, that action is usually determined by reports and research […]

The Chamber of Commerce says it cares about people of color. The receipts say otherwise.

In an attempt to respond to a volcanic eruption of discourse around systemic racism and police brutality, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce masqueraded in a modern version of blackface. Roughly a month after the murder of George Floyd last year, the nation’s leading business lobby held a national town hall on inequality with marquee names […]

The next test for environmental justice policy? Defining ‘disadvantaged communities.’

One of President Joe Biden’s first executive orders promised that “disadvantaged communities” would receive at least 40 percent of the overall benefits of government spending on infrastructure, clean energy, and other climate-related programs. It’s a historic commitment to reducing pollution and bringing new investment to the areas most in need. But who the “Justice40” program […]