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In the wake of a wildfire, who gets to rebuild?

This story is published in collaboration with Colorado Public Radio. The fire had started its rush toward Grand Lake, Colorado, when Johanna Robinson sat down to a bowl of soup, a meal she now remembers as the last time she felt anywhere like home. For two and a half years, Robinson and her husband, a […]

How NYC’s public housing authority plans to transform the market for clean heat

In the late 1990s, the New York City public housing authority, NYCHA, challenged manufacturers to design a new energy-efficient refrigerator. While suburban homeowners had their pick of energy-saving fridges, no one was selling an efficient model that was small enough for a typical urban apartment. A 1995 New York Times article referred to the refrigerators […]

Think apartment-hunting is frustrating? Try doing it with an electric car.

When Bradley Wilkinson and his husband were planning their move from Fayetteville, North Carolina, to a small Army base outside Colorado Springs, they were already worried about where they would charge their electric car.  Wilkinson, a 31-year-old who works in customer care at T-Mobile, had bought a used Nissan Leaf several years earlier, and although […]

‘It doesn’t have to be this way’: Lessons from the slow death of Louisiana’s oil industry

David Dismukes studies the energy industry for a living. As the executive director of the Center for Energy Studies at Louisiana State University, he has spent the last 30 years pinpointing the industry’s challenges and theorizing around it’s rapidly changing future. This is what he wants you to know: The energy transition from fossil fuels […]

Green incentives usually help the rich. Here’s how the Build Back Better Act could change that.

If the Build Back Better Act, Democrats’ $2.2 trillion climate and social welfare bill, passes the Senate later this month, it will come with thousands of dollars in incentives and tax credits for electric cars, solar panels, heat pumps, e-bikes, and even electric motorcycles. A family could get up to $12,500 off an electric car; […]

Black and Latino neighborhoods pay more for energy despite far lower emissions

Meet 60623, the Chicago zip code containing the North Lawndale and Little Village neighborhoods, one of the country’s biggest frontlines in the battle for environmental justice.  Tucked into the city’s Southwest Side, the once-industrial corridor is now a part of the region’s quickly growing warehouse and logistics network. What does that lead to? Air pollution. […]

A freeway ripped the heart out of Black life in Detroit. Now Michigan wants to tear it down.

This story is published in collaboration with BridgeDetroit. In 1945 in Detroit, Michigan, a man who is believed to be the first African-American independent record producer opened up a blues and gospel record store called Joe’s Record Shop. The store was lined with vinyl records and music posters, with a big, upright piano in the back. […]

Energy company cancels $2.5 billion oil export terminal in Louisiana

The energy infrastructure company Tallgrass Energy Partners announced Friday it is canceling a $2.5 billion oil export terminal and pipeline project in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, citing climate, economic, and cultural concerns. The proposal had faced years of fierce opposition from residents and environmental groups, who argued the facility would be built atop a historic burial […]

Here’s how the bipartisan infrastructure deal could promote environmental justice

After months of negotiation, President Joe Biden finally signed the long-awaited $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law on Monday afternoon. While the bill has been whittled down considerably compared to Biden’s initial $2 trillion proposal, the bipartisan agreement is a much-needed victory for the president — in part because, in the administration’s view, it commits […]

Study: Indigenous tribes lost 99% of land to colonization

A team of researchers published a study on Thursday confirming what Indigenous people already knew: The colonization of North America resulted in near-total land loss for the continent’s original inhabitants. One of the most detailed reckonings of tribal land loss to date, the study compiles a massive set of data on the lands that were […]