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Study: German Youths Not Willing To Make Climate Sacrifices, Want Policymakers To Fix Problems

By AR Göhring (EIKE) (Translated/edited/condensed by P. Gosselin) The German Tagesschau reports that the 14-29 age goup don’t take the Fridays-For-Future protests as seriously as journalists thought. Afraid, but unwilling A study by Simon Schnetzer and Klaus Hurrelmann called Jugend in Deutschland (Youth in Germany) reveals some unsurprising attitudes of the generation under 30. The […]

Single Family Homes Are Bad For The Climate, Says Austrian Architecture Publicist. Thermal Insulation, Too!

Single family homes, thermal insulation are not sustainable, says architecture publicist.  Everything is bad for the climate, and so everything needs to be regulated or restricted. That’s how the whole scam works. COVID shows that if you can successfully spread fear and a sense of crisis, then you’ll be able to get away with anything. […]

Alarmist, EU Commission President Von Der Leyen Emits 1.1 Tonnes CO2 In Private Jet For Just 47 km!

Here’s one for the hypocrite, do as I say, not as I do category! It’s been revealed that on June 21, 2021, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (Germany) used a private jet to travel the puny 47 kilometers distance from Vienna to Bratislava. As carbon taxes rise and energy prices soar, many leading […]

Secret Otto Engine Car For German Green Party Minister…”Range Anxiety”…”In The Interest Of The Country”

Another example of Green hypocritical “do as I say, not as I do”. While Germany’s Green politicians demand regular tax-paying citizens make sacrifices and accept inconveniences on behalf of the climate, they think they get to follow other rules.  Image: Merriam Webster Michael Sauerbier of the Berliner Zeitung (BZ) reports on how last March “Brandenburg’s […]

The One Million-Kilometer Frequent Flier – In Just 2 Years: Director Of Environmental Activist Organization!

A.R. Göhring at the Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here features a look at environmental activist group ‘Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) – German Environmental Aid – and its co-director Jürgen Resch. Million-kilometer frequent flying climate activist. From Bündnis 90/Die Grünen – Jürgen Resch (Deutsche Umwelthilfe), CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=74647992 It is one of […]

German Love Affair With Powerful Cars Continues Unabated…Horsepower Of Registered New Cars Hit Record High

Germans, like lots of other people, often love to preach water but drink wine. So often I’ve heard Germans claim it’s so important to cut back on CO2 emissions, install green energy production system and to live green in order to present climate change. And even though tiny Germany cutting back on CO2 emissions is […]

Climate Hypocrisy: Berlin’s Top Socialist-Green Government Officials Travel To “Pedestrian Meeting” …In Government Vehicles!

Here’s one that almost got past my radar. Last September the leftist Berliner Zeitung (BZ) here reportsed on climate hypocrisy coming from Berlin, Germany’s socialist-green city government and the city’s mayor, Michael Müller. The administration of Germany’s capital is really serious about climate change, so much so that they earnestly participated in an EU-sponsored action […]

EU Parliamentarian Celebrates Passing Climate Emergency, But Then Hops On Jet To Frankfurt, And Berlin!

(UPDATE: Not sure if Giegold is carrying a parka on his back in the image below) Europe’s hypocrite of the week After celebrating at Twitter the passage of the symbolic climate emergency in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday, parliamentarian Sven Giegold of the Green Party hops on a jet to Berlin! Green EU […]

Greta’s Transatlantic Sail Turning Into Grand Farce…Will Wind Up Causing Many More Tons Of CO2 Emissions!

Climate poster child Greta’s is sailing across the Atlantic instead of flying – in order to minimize the climate impact. Teenage climate rescue warrior Greta Thunberg. Image source: Greta’s Twitter site 5 crewmen to fly over to New York But German online leftist daily TAZ here has uncovered that Greta’s climate publicity jaunt is going […]