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Marine species increasingly can’t live at equator due to global heating

Study suggests it is already too warm in tropics for some species to survive Global heating has made the ocean around the equator less rich in wildlife, with conditions likely already too hot for some species to survive, according to a new study. Analysis of the changing locations of almost 50,000 marine species between 1955 […]

Tiny plankton tell the ocean’s story – this vast marine mission has been listening

Since 1931 ‘citizen scientists’ on ships have enabled data collection on the tiny building blocks of the sea. Now this research could shape how we tackle the climate crisis On a clear day, from their small, unassuming warehouse on the south Devon coast, Lance Gregory and Dave Wilson can see right across Plymouth Sound to […]

Great Barrier Reef’s third mass bleaching in five years the most widespread yet

Government’s chief marine scientist says he fears people will lose hope for the future of the reef but it is a clear signal for action The government’s top Great Barrier Reef scientist says a third mass bleaching event in five years is a clear signal the marine wonder is “calling for urgent help” on climate […]

Rescuing the Great Barrier Reef: how much can be saved, and how can we do it?

As global heating makes coral bleaching a regular event, scientists are urgently seeking ways to help the world’s biggest reef survive When coral scientist Dr Zoe Richards left the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island in late January, she was feeling optimistic. Richards is a taxonomist. Since 2011 she has recorded and monitored 245 coral species […]

Great Barrier Reef’s latest bleaching confirmed by marine park authority

Severity of damage has increased, with areas spared in previous years experiencing moderate or severe bleaching The government agency responsible for the Great Barrier Reef has confirmed the natural landmark has suffered a third mass coral bleaching episode in five years, describing the damage as “very widespread”. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority said […]

The dead sea: Tasmania’s underwater forests disappearing in our lifetime

The sea along the Tasmanian east coast is a global heating hotspot — temperatures there have risen at nearly four times the global average. One man has watched entire sea forests disappear in his lifetime Continue reading…

Hundreds of thousands of mussels cooked to death on New Zealand beach in heatwave

Northland residents describe ‘heartbreaking’ find as experts warn climate crisis could make it a more frequent sight Hundreds of thousands of mussels have been cooked to death on a beach in New Zealand’s North Island, with experts saying millions more will die as the effects of the climate crisis accelerate. The mass die-off in Northland […]