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German TV Propaganda: Now Forecast Charts For Regular Summer Weather Made To Look Like Images Of Hell

WARNING: Watching too much German public television will make you hysterical, and pretty stupid (if you’re already leaning in that direction) Sometimes you really wonder: can people be fooled really so easily? German ARD public television network apparently thinks so, and has since gone off the deep end with the hype, drama and disinformation they […]

Mann, Rahmstorf Struggle To Defend: Flawed Hockey Stick Chart Under Fire (Again) In Germany

Climate alarmism dissenters getting increasingly vocal. Yesterday I reported on how science editor Axel Bojanowski at German national daily DIE WELT had written a commentary on the deceptive use of a faulty climate hockey stick by ZDF German broadcasting. Naturally whenever anything of the sort happens here in Germany, attack dog Stefan Rahmstorf of the […]

German ZDF Public Television Under Fire For Use Of Deceptive, Fudged Hockey Stick Chart

‘Die Welt’ science editor Axel Bojanowski (right) comments “This is how climate change is forged”. He had 4 leading scientists confirm the above hockey stick chart was dubious. Image: Die Welt , Source:: DeWikiMan/commons.wikimedia.org/CC BY-SA 4.0; Bojanowski/private ZDF weather moderator Özden Terli under fire: Did he deceive viewers on historical climate with sleight of hand? […]

Public Manipulation: German ARD Television Using Red Hot Weather Charts For Showing Cool Temperatures

German public television is splashing red on its weather forecast charts to make people think it’s hot.  At Facebook, Akinom Dnagiew posted two fascinating side-by-side weather charts used by German ARD public television for weather forecasting: “Do you feel manipulated.” Image: ARD Readers will notice how in 2009 a calm, neutral chart was used for […]

Hype Exposed: Central Europe GETTING WETTER (Not Drier) Since Industrialization Began

Central Europe has been getting WETTER over the long term, and not drier like much media like to suggest. Dry years are nothing new.  Lately in Central Europe we’ve been hearing a lot about drought becoming the new normal – all because of man-made global warming, of course. Lots of hype made from 2 years […]

Is “All-Time Antarctic 20.75C Record High Temperature” Just A Sensational Hoax? Station Data Show Only 16C

In Germany there have been rumors that the alleged Antarctic Seymour Island “all-time Antarctic record high” of 20.75°C set on February 9th is a hoax – originating by the AFP news agency and then spread by The Guardian. The alleged 20.75°C was supposedly logged by Brazilian scientists and was supposedly almost a full degree higher […]

NTZ “Being Very Unfair”, Says Heartland Institute. “‘Pay To Play’ Not What Heartland Does”

I feel obligated to upgrade a reader comment by Jim Lakely, Communications Director, The Heartland Institute, to a post. He says I was “being very unfair” yesterday. My main gripe is that these two very dishonest Correctiv “journalists” should have never been allowed to get as far as they did. Now we independent skeptics here […]

German “Leftist” Journalists Go Undercover – Infiltrate, Set Up Heartland Institute’s James Taylor

Today I’m writing about a public relations disaster here in Germany by the Heartland Institute where its president, James Taylor, allowed himself to be fully duped by leftist journalists posing as industry lobbyists offering half a million dollars to his Chicago-based think tank. Image: Correctiv Just days ago, flagship ZDF German public television broadcast a […]

Greta’s Generational Supremacists: Indoctrinated German Girls Sing: “My Grandma Is An Old Environmental Scumbag!”

Child abuse by German WDR 2 public broadcasting? Young schoolgirls taught to hate, made to sing “My grandma is an old environmental scumbag” because she drives an SUV, eats meat and takes cruises WDR 2 broadcasting children’s song: “My grandma is an environmental scumbag!” Image: WDR 2 We all recall how at the UN, green […]

Huge Climatic Crowd Exaggeration! Claimed Size Of 500,000 Was 97% Lie… Only 15,000 In Madrid, Spanish Police Say

Grand media deception So typical of climate science. Everything in and around it gets wildly exaggerated in order to feed media consumption and deceive the public. Reports are emerging that the “500,000 people” crowd awaiting Greta in Madrid was in fact as low as 15,000, according to Spanish federal police. That would make the 500,000 claimed […]