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Tree Remains Found Buried Beneath Today’s Glaciers Date To The Warmer-Than-Today Medieval Warm Period

A new study (Kullman, 2021) suggests ~9000-year-old tree remains can be found buried in “currently empty snow hollows and glacier cirques” at elevations 600-700 m higher than where trees can grow today, implying a >3°C warmer Early Holocene climate. Treelines were still 75-100 m higher during the Medieval Warm Period…and even during the 15th and […]

When Will IPCC End Its Scientific Denial: How Long Can UN Body Ignore Thousands Of Publications Disputing CO2

Despite the thousands of scientific publications refuting  alarmist climate change scenarios, governments, activists and the IPCC continue to insist that we’re headed for climate catastrophe when we clearly are not.  Thanks to Kenneth Richard’s Herculean efforts and the Google Medieval Warm Period Map, we have these publications readily available.  There are reasons why in 2019 […]

What Global Warming? 148 New (2020) Scientific Papers Affirm Recent Non-Warming, A Degrees-Warmer Past

Scientists continued defying the “unprecedented” global warming narrative by publishing nearly 150 papers  in 2020 that show large regions of the Earth (a) haven’t warmed in recent decades, (b) were as-warm or warmer within the last several centuries, and/or (c) were 1-7°C warmer than today just a few millennia ago. Here is the link to […]

New Studies: Europe Is No Warmer Today Than It Was During Medieval Times

Two new papers use tree ring proxy evidence to suggest modern European temperatures are neither unusual nor higher than they were during the Medieval Warm Period. Image Source: Esper et al. (2020) Esper et al. (2020) have produced a new temperature reconstruction for Southern Europe to complement past reconstructions for Northern and Central Europe. They […]

A 1000-Year-Old Forest Buried Under Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier Uncovers A Warm Medieval Period

In recent decades, North American glaciers have advanced by many kilometers and buried forests in ice in the same regions where glaciers have receded and uncovered Medieval-era forests. Image Source: Davi et al., 2019 Ancient forests buried beneath ice for the last ~1,000 years began “popping out from under southern Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier” and garnishing […]

New Study Shows Southeast Asia Climatic Variability Over Past Two Millennia, Likely Solar Driven – Deflate CO2 As Main Driver

Amazing: A proxy study of Laos finds natural variability in hydrometeorology, a little Ice Age, and other substantial climate changes in the pre-greenhouse gas era. Who would have thought! (sarcasm) Hat-tip: NTZ reader Mary Brown. University of California Irvine researcher Jessica Wang and her team of researchers find plenty of natural climate variability in Southeast […]

12 New Papers Provide Robust Evidence The Earth Was Warmer During Medieval Times

Claims that modern temperatures are globally warmer than they were during Medieval times (~800 to 1250 A.D.) have been contradicted by a flurry of new (2019) scientific papers. Southern Ocean/SE Pacific (SSTs) The Medieval Warm Period (1100 years BP) was 1.5°C warmer than today (14°C vs. 12.5°C) in the SE Pacific or Southern Ocean. Collins […]