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The Surfside tragedy could be a ‘bellwether moment’ for managed retreat

The Champlain Towers South condo building in Surfside, Florida, collapsed last week, killing at least 18 people with 145 others unaccounted for. It’s too soon to say whether climate change had anything to do with the tragedy. But the collapse has shone a spotlight on Florida’s unique vulnerabilities to climate change and raised questions about […]

Migrant children are being held in toxic U.S. detention centers

President Joe Biden’s administration has portrayed its immigration policy as a humane departure from recent precedent. In a March briefing at the White House, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that his agency was coming “out of the depths of cruelty” in which it operated during the Trump administration. But as the new […]

Did climate change cause societies to collapse? New research upends the old story.

If you’re under the impression that climate change drove ancient civilizations to their demise, you probably haven’t heard the full story.  The ancient Maya, for example, didn’t vanish when their civilization “collapsed” around the 9th century. Though droughts certainly caused hardship, and cities were abandoned, more than 7 million Maya still live throughout Mexico and […]

In the staggering dislocation of 2020, I think of the many gifts my parents gave me | Christos Tsiolkas

For most Australians, two events of biblical solemnity will define this year: fire and plague. How should we respond? This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020 As soon as my partner and I completed two weeks’ quarantine after returning from Europe in late March, I […]

It’s the climate, not immigration, that keeps Australians awake at night

The Scanlon Foundation’s annual report on social cohesion finds a country still largely welcoming of migrants, although 40% hold negative feelings towards Muslims Something happened in 2017. Australia is second only to Canada in welcoming immigration on a large scale. Our faith in the benefits of accepting newcomers of all faiths and races is rock […]