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German Professor: Climate Model Deviation From Observations “Striking”…”Politically Significant”

At Die kalte Sonne, Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt – one of the founders of Germany’s modern environmental movement – presents his monthly summary, which includes a look at global temperature and how the models are doing. Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, Source: GWPF.  ================================ “The global mean temperature deviation of satellite-based measurements from the mean of the […]

New High Resolution Climate Simulation Projects Antarctic Ice To Remain Stable Rest Of The Century

Now we know why prominent activists, like Barack Obama, purchased expensive seaside homes even after warning the seas are “rising rapidly”. It turns out they really aren’t, a new University of Utrecht study shows. And like many climate alarmists, Potsdam Institute climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf predicted the oceans could very well rise by an alarming […]

New Study: Models Fitting Modern Period “Just An Illusion”… CO2 Role Much Less Than IPCC Claims

A new paper authored by distinguished climate researcher Nicola Scafetta and published in the journal Atmosphere titled Reconstruction of the Interannual to Millennial Scale Patterns of the Global Surface Temperature concludes that humans are only responsible for half, at most, of the recent warming. The IPCC climate models fail to properly take natural oscillations into account.  […]

Yet Another Model-Based Claim Of Anthropogenic Climate Forcing Collapses

High-resolution climate models have projected a “decline of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) under the influence of anthropogenic warming” for decades (Lobelle et al., 2020). New research that assesses changes in the deeper layers of the ocean (instead of “ignoring” these layers like past models have) shows instead that the AMOC hasn’t declined for […]

Climate Researcher’s New E-Book: IPCC Significantly Overstates CO2, “The Sorry State Of Climate Science”

Climate researcher, geologist, Patrice Poyet has released a new e-book: The Rational Climate e-Book: Cooler is Riskier. The Sorry State of Climate Science and Policies. This is an outstanding reference. Using the table of contents the reader can conveniently look up the topic that’s of interest. The ebook has been downloaded over 10,000 times so […]

New Climate Models (CMIP6) Offer No Improvement, Model Discrepancies As Large As The Last Version (CMIP5)

The “unsatisfactorily large” magnitude of the discrepancies between models in estimating the various radiative contributions to Earth’s energy imbalance serves to undermine confidence that CO2’s small impact could even be detected amid all the uncertainty. Scientists have engaged in offering their educated guesses, or estimates, of cloud radiative effects for decades. In the latest models, […]

Scientists Just Discovered Their Past Carbon Budget Guesses Have All Along Been Twice As Wrong As They Thought

A new assumption about carbon budgets reveals climate scientists have been vastly underestimating (by a factor of 2) the amount of carbon absorbed by the ocean for decades. Every past carbon budget estimate has been twice as wrong as the current estimate. When it comes to the ocean heat fluxes and source vs. sink carbon […]

Policymakers Misled…New Nature Study “Casts Doubt On Forecasts Of Regional Climate Change”

A new paper reveals that climate models have failed to take important natural factors, such as the North Atlantic Oscillation, into account in their climate models on which leaders have been basing their policies.   A new paper in Nature says NAO not taken adequately into account by climate models. Image: see video (German) here. Paper […]

Max Planck Institute For Meteorology Director Not Worried About Climate Tipping Points…Worried About Panic

In an interview with flagship daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ here), Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPIM) Director Dr. Jochen Marotzke said predicting how many degrees of warming we need to prepare for was like reading tea leaves and that he is not worried about “climate tipping points”.  He also spoke of the wide disagreement among […]

Climate Alarmist Claim Blown to Smithereens: Unlikely That Warm Arctic Leads To Cold Winters

Image: NASA (public domain) By Die kalte Sonne Do you remember the wild story that cold winters in Central Europe are supposedly a consequence of the Arctic turbo-heating? A great sideshow hypothesis in those years when winters were suddenly colder than expected. A study by Dai & Song 2020 has now brought the idea back to […]