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Analysis By German Prof: “Thousands Of Hidden Deaths Daily” …May Be Greatest Medical Debacle In Human History

Shocking mortality data from Germany, Austria, Israel, England: thousands of post-vaccine non-Covid deaths covered up – miscategorized as unvaccinated deaths…”extremely alarming situation” “Thousands are dying of the vaccine daily without us even being aware of it.” University of Regensberg Professor Christof Kuhbandner uncovered what he calls an extremely alarming situation, one where thousands and thousands […]

Scotland’s Fully Vaccinated Now Twice As Likely To Be Infected And 50% More Likely To Die

Multiple studies affirm negative vaccine effectiveness against the COVID-19 Omicron variant. Now there is evidence full vaccination is negatively affecting death rates. In February, 2021, the Big Pharma-endorsed claim that the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are 95% effective against infection with COVID-19 was wholly adopted by governments across the world. What did the falsely advertised […]

Spate Of High Performance Athletes Collapse With Heart Ailments…1200 Germans Seek Compensation

We’ve been hearing about it: dozens of high performance athletes collapsing on playing fields, some dying, after suffering heart problems. This is has led to concerns about mRNA vaccine safety and the spike proteins they render. Just recently there’s been a fresh spate of reports of athletes having suffered heart-related ailments and as a result […]

Leading German COVID Policy Critic, Professor, Gets Detained By Police For Walking Without Mask

Dark times return to Germany as authorities attempt to stomp out freedoms.  Police randomly target, pick off peaceful demonstrators. Symbol photo. Source: Freie Niedersachsen As Germany scrambles to stifle the growing grassroots movement against COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates, authorities are resorting to ever more extreme tactics to shut down the fundamental right to dissent. […]

British Medical Journal: “The End Of The Pandemic Won’t Be Televised”. It’ll End When Media Lose Interest

The British Medical Journal has an article by David Robertson and Peter Doshi, who write: ” The end of the pandemic won’t be televised. Image: BMJ, Figure 1.  Historically, pandemics run their course over two to three years before they fizzle out into some regular bug.. If  the early information surrounding Omicron is an indication, COVID 19 […]

Scientists Now Confirm mRNA Vaccines Produce NEGATIVE Effectiveness Against Omicron

Multiple scientific studies and testing data compiled by national health centers expose the harrowing truth: injection with COVID-19 vaccines actually increase the likelihood of infection with the Omicron variant. There were 1.61 million new COVID cases confirmed on 29 December. This is hundreds of thousands more than any other single day since the pandemic began. […]

German November Excess Deaths Reach 20%…Week 48 Excess Deaths Reach 28%! Nearly 2000 COVID Vaccine Deaths In 2021

Germany’s COVID-vaccine-related number of deaths may be as high as 40,000. Excess mortality  Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) recently published its latest report on COVID-vaccines. Page 10, Table 2, shows that a total of 1,919 deaths have been reported for the COVID vaccines up to November 30th. Source: Paul Ehrlich Institute A 2017 bulletin issued […]

World Leading Microbiologist Warns mRNA Vaccines May Have Opened Gates Of Immunological Hell

No scientist has been as outspoken and emphatic about the dangers of mRNA vaccines as microbiologist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. Doctors for COVID Ethics here have released his latest video message to the world. Bhakdi has issued extremely dire warnings, based on recent data from leading pathologists. Bhakdi has been warning about the new mRNA vaccines […]

German Judges, State Attorneys, Elaborate 10 Reasons Against Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccinations

A German site by critical judges and state attorneys, Netzwerk Kritische Richter und Staatsanwälte n.e.V. KRiStA – outlines 10 compelling reasons against compulsory vaccination against the SARS-COV-2 virus.  I expect it will soon become a valuable resource as German pandemic zealots rush for compulsory vaccination next year and possibly setting off one of the greatest […]