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Climate Researcher’s New E-Book: IPCC Significantly Overstates CO2, “The Sorry State Of Climate Science”

Climate researcher, geologist, Patrice Poyet has released a new e-book: The Rational Climate e-Book: Cooler is Riskier. The Sorry State of Climate Science and Policies. This is an outstanding reference. Using the table of contents the reader can conveniently look up the topic that’s of interest. The ebook has been downloaded over 10,000 times so […]

When Will IPCC End Its Scientific Denial: How Long Can UN Body Ignore Thousands Of Publications Disputing CO2

Despite the thousands of scientific publications refuting  alarmist climate change scenarios, governments, activists and the IPCC continue to insist that we’re headed for climate catastrophe when we clearly are not.  Thanks to Kenneth Richard’s Herculean efforts and the Google Medieval Warm Period Map, we have these publications readily available.  There are reasons why in 2019 […]

Astrophysicist Nir Shaviv: “No Reason To Panic”…”Gore Is Misleading”…”Warming Not Due To Civilization”

A world renowned astrophysicist says the IPCC’s climate warnings cannot be taken seriously and that climate models use tricks to put the blame on CO2 Pierre Heumann at Weltwoche has a feature story on renowned Israeli astrophysicist, Nir Shaviv, professor at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hebrew University astrophysicist, Prof. Nir Shaviv. […]

New Study: IPCC Made Fatal Errors In Assumptions About CO2 Which Destroy Global Warming Alarm

CO2 is higher at the Poles than at the Equator. When air warms, CO2 goes down and water vapor goes up. The warming effects of CO2 and water vapor do not add; they oppose each other. This is opposite IPCC claims. The IPCC claims doubling CO2 from 280 ppm to 560 ppm over the course […]

Thanks To NTZ Readers! In 2021 We Face Censorship, And A Very Challenging Climate-Policy Year

Deep thanks to all NTZ readers for your loyalty and support! North Germany. Image: NotricksZone Now we look forward to 2021 and our aim will be to continue presenting many peer-reviewed literature and reports that show all the talk about serious AGW is a lot of hysteria and a hoax. NTZ delivers scientific climate publications […]

Real-World Outdoor Experiment: As CO2 Naturally Rises From 0.1% To 75%, Surface Temperatures Drop 10°C

At an outdoor test site in Italy CO2 concentrations vacillating between 1,000 and 750,000 ppm have no more or less an effect on local temperatures than a nearby site with stable, ambient (<400 ppm) CO2 concentrations. Mofette fields are “natural carbon dioxide springs” that allow us to observe the effect that a 100% (1,000,000 ppm) […]

German Scientists’ Climate Skeptic Book Soars To No. 1 On Amazon List For “Engineering And Technology”

A new book challenging the climate hysteria, which Greta has helped whip in Germany has hit the German bookshelves: Unerwünschte Wahrheiten. Was Sie über den Klimawandel wissen sollen” (Unwanted Truths. What You Need To Know About Climate Change): Image: Amazon “Unwanted Truths” has reached No. 1 at Amazon in the category “Engineering and Technology”, so […]

Scientists: It’s ‘Impossible’ To Measure Critical Cloud Processes…Observations 1/50th As Accurate As They Must Be

Clouds dominate as the driver of changes in the Earth’s radiation budget and climate. A comprehensive new analysis suggests we’re so uncertain about cloud processes and how they affect climate we can’t even quantify our uncertainty.  According to scientists (Song et al., 2016), the total net forcing for Earth’s oceanic atmospheric greenhouse effect (Gaa) during […]

Extensively-Referenced Study Of Past Scientists’ Global Temperature Estimates Suggests ‘No Change’ In 100 Years

In the early 1900s, the globally-averaged distribution of calculated surface temperature estimates ranged between 14 and 15°C. For 1991-2018, HadCRUT, Berkeley, and NASA GISS also estimate today’s global temperature is about 14.5°C. Scientists estimating Earth’s surface temperature has been an ongoing pursuit since the early 19th century. A new study (Kramm et al., 2020) suggests […]

Mann, Rahmstorf Struggle To Defend: Flawed Hockey Stick Chart Under Fire (Again) In Germany

Climate alarmism dissenters getting increasingly vocal. Yesterday I reported on how science editor Axel Bojanowski at German national daily DIE WELT had written a commentary on the deceptive use of a faulty climate hockey stick by ZDF German broadcasting. Naturally whenever anything of the sort happens here in Germany, attack dog Stefan Rahmstorf of the […]