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Japan’s Canon Institute For Global Studies (CIGS) Presents New Working Paper On Climate Science Data Inconsistencies

Statistical data alterations, huge data gaps and dissenting experts are among the problems plaguing climate science, new Japanese CIGS working paper highlights.  In November 2019, the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) released a working paper noting that natural factors are also very much at work when it comes to climate change. Now CIGS has […]

NoTricksZone Twitter Account Sent To The Gulag…Dissent, Criticism Of Authorities Unwelcome

For the third time in about 2 weeks, our NoTrickZone Twitter account has been sent to the social media gulag – this time for seven days. An outright suspension appears to be closing in. The future for dissenters is looking like the dark days of past tyrannies. Photo – 1930, public domain. Unwelcome dissent The […]

Scientific American Denies Steve Koonin Chance To Respond To Attack Article By Oreskes et al.

Steve Koonin responds to recent attack articles by alarmist global-warming researchers. Steve Koonin, former scientist advisor to President Barack Obama, was recently attacked in Scientific American for speaking out his skepticim over manmade global warming. He asked SA for the chance to respond, but SA refused, though a response is customary in science. Photo: US […]

Geologist’s New Book: Climate Change “Natural”… “Still An Archaic Fear Of Natural Weather Phenomena”

New book by geology researcher says climate change is natural, little to do with CO2. Available at Amazon. The following discussion of climate change is based on the current emotional, irrational ideological and scientifically closed discussion and reporting, as well as the continuous mixing with topics of environmental protection. The causes of the constant climate […]

Uncovered: CO2 In Modern Ice Reaches 900 – 70,000 ppm – Wildly Incompatible With Atmospheric Levels

It’s considered canonical that global-scale atmospheric levels of CO2 from thousands of years ago can be precisely discerned just by examining air bubbles in ancient snow and ice from Antarctica. But an examination of the CO2 levels in modern snow and ice shows there are gigantic discrepancies between the measurements of CO2 in ice versus […]

Climate Researcher’s New E-Book: IPCC Significantly Overstates CO2, “The Sorry State Of Climate Science”

Climate researcher, geologist, Patrice Poyet has released a new e-book: The Rational Climate e-Book: Cooler is Riskier. The Sorry State of Climate Science and Policies. This is an outstanding reference. Using the table of contents the reader can conveniently look up the topic that’s of interest. The ebook has been downloaded over 10,000 times so […]

When Will IPCC End Its Scientific Denial: How Long Can UN Body Ignore Thousands Of Publications Disputing CO2

Despite the thousands of scientific publications refuting  alarmist climate change scenarios, governments, activists and the IPCC continue to insist that we’re headed for climate catastrophe when we clearly are not.  Thanks to Kenneth Richard’s Herculean efforts and the Google Medieval Warm Period Map, we have these publications readily available.  There are reasons why in 2019 […]

Astrophysicist Nir Shaviv: “No Reason To Panic”…”Gore Is Misleading”…”Warming Not Due To Civilization”

A world renowned astrophysicist says the IPCC’s climate warnings cannot be taken seriously and that climate models use tricks to put the blame on CO2 Pierre Heumann at Weltwoche has a feature story on renowned Israeli astrophysicist, Nir Shaviv, professor at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hebrew University astrophysicist, Prof. Nir Shaviv. […]

New Study: IPCC Made Fatal Errors In Assumptions About CO2 Which Destroy Global Warming Alarm

CO2 is higher at the Poles than at the Equator. When air warms, CO2 goes down and water vapor goes up. The warming effects of CO2 and water vapor do not add; they oppose each other. This is opposite IPCC claims. The IPCC claims doubling CO2 from 280 ppm to 560 ppm over the course […]

Thanks To NTZ Readers! In 2021 We Face Censorship, And A Very Challenging Climate-Policy Year

Deep thanks to all NTZ readers for your loyalty and support! North Germany. Image: NotricksZone Now we look forward to 2021 and our aim will be to continue presenting many peer-reviewed literature and reports that show all the talk about serious AGW is a lot of hysteria and a hoax. NTZ delivers scientific climate publications […]