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In A Few Days Clouds Affect Earth’s Radiation Budget By More Than CO2 Does In 270 Years

Scientists continue to affirm the critical role of clouds in modulating the Earth’s energy budget, and, hence, the climate. The total net forcing of the entirety of the CO2 influence on climate has been less than 2 W/m² since 1750 (Feldman et al., 2015). Image Source: Feldman et al., 2015 On a per-decade basis, a 22 […]

2001-2019 Warming Driven By Increases In Absorbed Solar Radiation, Not Human Emissions

Three new studies affirm the increase in absorbed solar radiation associated with decreased reflection by clouds (albedo) has been the “root cause” of the positive Earth Energy Imbalance and global warming since the early 2000s. Scientists (Loeb et al., 2021) have determined the rather uncertain positive trend in Earth’s Energy Imbalance (EEI) from 2005 to […]

Global Warming Of Past 40 Years An Artefact Of Pacific Ocean Cycle… Now Comes The Cooling

The One Oscillation That Rules Them All By David Archibald Cumulative graphs, in which changes in the individual values from time period to time period are added, are powerful for showing changes of trend in a series. Thus the cumulative graph of the annual average solar aa Index (a geomagnetic index) nails the beginning and […]

Cooling In The Pipeline? Low Solar Activity, Wild Fire Smoke, La Niña All Setting Up A Cooled 2022?

Here are 3 reasons why global surface temperatures will probably see continued cooling over the coming year. 1. La Nina back in the forecast NASA continues to project La Niña conditions into 2022 thus suggesting vigorous globally time-shifted cooling conditions: Source. NASA The NOAA-ENSO forecast also shows La Niña conditions taking hold again later this […]

Global Surface Cooling Expected To Continue…Forecasters See Another La Nina In The Pipeline

Not long ago Dr. Roy Spencer published Version 6 University of Alabama-Huntsville satellite-based global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for June, 2021. It was -0.01 deg. C, down an impressive  0.7°C since the peak in early 2016. As Dr. Spencer’s chart above shows, temperatures are back within the range seen 20 years ago. The […]

Strong Link Between Solar Activity And Rapid Cooling (2-3°C/Century) In China During The Last 5000 Years

China’s climate history includes multiple climate warming and cooling fluctuations of 4°C within centuries, with cold periods aligning with declines in solar irradiance. According to a new study (Zhang et al., 2021), northern China’s coldest temperatures of the last 5000 years occurred 300 calibrated years before present (cal yr BP), coinciding with the Little Ice […]

Researchers Foresee Weak Solar Cycles Until 2050… “Unwelcome Meteorological And Climatic Consequences”!

Analyzing the cyclic nature of solar activity, leading scientists suggest a solar minimum is set to persist until 2050. It’s important to estimate the features of the next solar cycle because they serve to improve preparedness in space exploration and minimizing risks in technological and sociological activities. The ability to understand historical solar magnetic parameters […]

Magnitude Of Recent Surface Solar Radiation Forcing Over US Is Tens Of Times Greater Than From CO2

Over the US, the modest change in cloud cover from 1996-2019 predominantly drove the +11.77 W/m² surface solar radiation forcing during 1996-2012 (then -2.35 W/m² from 2013-2019). These “brightening” and “dimming” magnitudes easily overwhelm the values associated with an annual 2 to 2.5 ppm rise in CO2 forcing (0.2 W/m² per decade). When cloud cover […]

42,000 Years Ago A Massive Geomagnetic Shift Plunged A Warm Earth Into An Ice Age…But CO? Didn’t Budge

A groundbreaking new study in Science suggests warm interglacial-like conditions (surface temperatures within 1°C of today’s) persisted from 54 to 42,000 years ago even though CO? levels idled around 200 ppm at that time. A sudden geomagnetic shift that intensified galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation and reduced ozone levels ~42,000 years ago resulted in […]

Scientists Continue To Affirm Rising Incoming Solar Radiation Drives Recent Warming In Europe

Two new studies refer to the natural decline in cloud and aerosol reflectivity and consequent rise in incoming solar radiation or sunlight duration as the explanation for warming trends across Europe. CO2 is not even mentioned as a factor in climate change. Scientists point out that, for Europe, “the decrease in cloud cover is caused […]