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48 Of 79 ‘Catastrophic Climate Change’ Predictions Have Failed…The Other 31 Just Haven’t Expired Yet

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the International Journal of Global Warming identifies 79 “apocalyptic” predictions formulated since 1970 by “researchers and activists” who “predict cataclysmic events” resulting from “catastrophic climate change.” Already 48 of these “truly apocalyptic forecasts” have failed. The other 31 are likely just as wrong, but the prediction end dates haven’t expired […]

The Weather Channel’s Bogus Forecast Of 40°C Heat…Also “Record Hot Summer” Forecast Looking Fake

Nowadays as soon as there’s any hint of some heat in the forecast, the European press immediately jump to holler a “record hot” summer is in the pipeline. Brace yourselves! A total miss For example, just last week The Weather Channel Germany warned of 40°C temperatures for Germany, probably after some model results sniffed out […]

Meteorologist: “Can’t See Any Evidence” …Asks WMO What’s The Basis For Forecast Of “Another Record-Breaking Summer”?

On May 26, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) issued a press release warning of “another record-breaking heat season” for the northern hemisphere this summer, along with the potential of the COVID-19 pandemic amplifying the health risks of the hot weather. Media outlets picked up the WMO warnings and spread panic stories of mayhem and climate […]

Current ECMWF 45-Day Forecast Contradicts Recent Claims Of Another “Record-Breaking Summer” For Europe!

So far no signs of another super hot-dry summer for Europe, which media have been alarming about.  Veteran Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann tweeted the 45-day projections for Europe. In terms of precipitation, Europe saw drought conditions over the past two summers (2018 and 2019) and climate alarmists claimed this would be the new normal. And […]

2004 “Expert” Climate Predictions Of “Siberian Climate” For Britain, “Anarchy”, “Famine” Turn Out Preposterous

German site Alles Schall und Rauch (Everything is smoke and mirrors) here reminds us how back in 2004, “leading experts” warned the planet would likely be going down in flames by 2020! Forecast 2004 – Global doomsday by 2020 By Freeman (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) Only three more days and the first decade […]