Tag: Temperature Bias/Urbanization

New Study Finds 25-45% Of The Instrumental Warming Since The 1950s Is Due To Urbanization, Not CO2

Why have sea surface temperatures and proxy temperature reconstructions so strongly diverged from the instrumental land record in recent decades? Because “0.36?±?0.04 °C” of non-climatic warming from roofs, asphalt, machines, vehicles…artificially enhances the post-1950s global temperature trend. A new analysis (Scafetta, 2021) suggests: • Urban Heat Island (UHI) effects can raise city temperatures 6-9°C above […]

Germany’s DWD Weather Service Annuls All-Time Heat Record, Concedes Station Siting Problems

Germany’s DWD reverses, annuls Lingen’s July 25, 2019 all-time 42.6°C record high temperature. Station siting was not up to standard, had caused inflated readings.  Media berserk over all-time record high Back in July 2019, the German media and the German DWD national weather service went into overdrive when the Lingen-Germany  station, located in northwest Germany […]

Scientists: Climate Records ‘Correlate Well’ With Solar Modulation…A Grand Solar Minimum Expected By 2030

International and NASA solar scientists find their Total Solar Irradiance reconstruction extending to 1700 can “correlate well” with Earth’s global temperature records, including a positive net TSI trend during 1986-2008. A new Grand Solar Minimum is expected to commence during the 2030s. Surface climate records that have been uncorrupted by coastal (ocean-air)/urbanization biases suggest there […]

NASA GISS Surface Station Temperature Trends Based On Sheer Guess Work, Made-Up Data, Says Japanese Climate Expert

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin Whenever NASA GISS announces how recent global temperatures are much hotter than, for example, 100 years ago, just how statistically reliable are such statements? Most will agree, based mainly on sundry observations, that today is indeed warmer than it was when surface temperatures began to be recorded back in 1880. […]