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One tiny chip is choking up America’s largest automotive factories

They may be smaller than the size of a matchbox, but a global shortage of semiconductor chips — the electric circuits that are essential for vehicle manufacturing — has brought the automotive industry in the United States to a halt. Last week, General Motors announced it would shut down production at nearly all of its […]

‘Big Three’ automakers join Biden in electric car promises

“The future of the auto industry is electric,” President Joe Biden said in a voiceover to a video posted on Twitter Wednesday night. “There’s no turning back.” Automakers seem to agree with him. On Thursday, the “Big Three” American carmakers — Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler (now part of the Dutch auto giant Stellantis) — […]

What’s the true cost of shipping all your junk across the ocean?

Take a look around your home and you’ll likely find plenty of goods that traveled by cargo ship to your doorstep. A set of IKEA plates made in China. A dresser full of pandemic-era loungewear, ordered on Target and made in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Tracing the impact on the environment from shipping any […]

The US wants to make EV batteries without these foreign metals. Should it?

The electric vehicle or EV revolution owes its existence to lithium batteries, and those batteries have a cocktail of specialized minerals to thank for their high performance. In most cases, that cocktail’s ingredient list includes cobalt and nickel, minerals that help deliver the long lifespan and range that consumers increasingly demand of EVs.  But with […]

Detroit’s first new assembly line in 30 years will compound pollution in Black neighborhoods

Over the last few months, Tanisha Burton has developed respiratory issues for the first time in her life. Her shortness of breath landed her in the emergency room in April, where she was prescribed an Albuterol inhaler to manage the problem. Burton lives on Beniteau Street, located in southeast Detroit. Outside her back door is […]

United’s supersonic planes would be a ‘massively polluting’ disaster

The era of supersonic flights supposedly ended nearly two decades ago. The Concorde — a 100-passenger jet that could cruise at 1,300 miles an hour and reach London from New York in a mere three and a half hours — made its swan song flight on October 24, 2004. In 27 years in service, it […]

Why electric cars are cheaper if you’re rich

Electric vehicles are getting a lot of press lately — but can people actually afford them? Reporter Shannon Osaka has the details on fuel savings, the perils of charging, and that pesky EV tax credit (which mostly helps people who have a lot of money already). Read Next Biden wants to build 500,000 EV charging […]

Cleaning up what can’t plug in

This story is part of the series Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia, which explores the path to low-carbon energy for British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. This project is produced in partnership with InvestigateWest and other media outlets and is supported in part by the Fund for Investigative Journalism. These days Frank Lemos manages a shipping operation, but the […]

Basically everyone in Florida is united against these new highways

A 67-mile highway looping around the eastern side of Cincinnati. A widening of Interstate 45 in Houston. A 52-mile, four-lane highway from southwest to central Indiana. The addition of high-occupancy toll lanes on Maryland’s Interstate 270. Highway construction and expansion projects are in the works around the country. But none will add more highway miles […]

Goodbye, old freeways? How subtraction could address climate change

As the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the country last year, then-candidate Joe Biden pushed one message again and again: “Build Back Better.” The phrase now lends its name to the White House’s massive, multi-pronged proposal to help the country recover from the COVID-induced recession, tackle climate change, and bring the country’s railroads, bridges, and water pipes […]