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The oldest tree in eastern US survived millennia – but rising seas could kill it

A 2,624-year-old bald cypress could teach us how to fight climate change – if it doesn’t get destroyed first A wizened eastern bald cypress dwells in an expanse of North Carolina’s wetlands. It lives among a cluster of eastern bald cypress trees in the state’s Black River, some with origins dating back a millennium. But […]

UK failing to protect against climate dangers, advisers warn

It is ‘absolutely illogical’ not to tackle the risks of heatwaves and power blackouts, says Climate Change Committee The UK government is failing to protect people from the fast-rising risks of the climate crisis, from deadly heatwaves to power blackouts, its official climate advisers have warned. The climate change committee said action to improve the […]

Is this the end of forests as we’ve known them?

Trees lost to drought and wildfires are not returning. Climate change is taking a toll on the world’s forests – and radically changing the environment before our eyes Camille Stevens-Rumann never used to worry about seeing dead trees. As a wildland firefighter in the American west, she encountered untold numbers killed in blazes she helped […]

Climate crisis will cause falling humidity in global cities – study

Research says planting trees in urban areas could mitigate rising temperatures Urban regions around the world are likely to see a near-universal decrease in humidity as the climate changes, a study has found. The research suggests that building green infrastructure and increasing urban vegetation might be a safe bet for cities looking to mitigate against […]

Restore UK woodland by letting trees plant themselves, says report

Rewilding Britain charity says natural dispersal of seeds is cost-effective and boosts biodiversity Allowing trees and woodland to regenerate through the natural dispersal of seeds should become the default way to restore Britain’s forest cover, according to a new report. Natural regeneration brings the most benefits for biodiversity, is cost-effective and may sequester more carbon […]

Practical steps towards a net zero carbon future | Letters

One of the fundamental steps to achieving net zero is to increase home energy efficiency, writes Mike Thornton. Plus letters from Tony Jones, Dr Bruce McLeod, Daniel Scharf and Richard Hale We will all benefit from a carbon-free future – so the Climate Change Committee’s new route map to address the climate emergency is a […]

Specieswatch: violet carpenter bee – an exotic, heavyweight arrival to UK

This southern European native, first spotted breeding in 2007, is still rare due to a lack of suitable sites If you see a violet carpenter bee, xylocopa violacea, in Britain, it seems too exotic for our shores, and too big. It is up to 3cm long, the size of our largest bumble bee, and it […]

Trillion-dollar investors warn Brazil over ‘dismantling’ of environmental policies

Letter signed by 29 organisations, including the Church of England, states financial institutions have a duty to tackle climate change Investors managing trillions of dollars in assets have warned Brazil that escalating deforestation and the “dismantling” of policies to protect the environment and indigenous communities are “creating widespread uncertainty about the conditions for investing”. Amazon […]

More than a third of NSW rainforests found to have been hit by Australian bushfires

The updated assessment also shows the fire ground includes more than 3.5m hectares of the state’s best koala habitat More than a third of New South Wales rainforest was among 5.4m hectares hit by last season’s catastrophic bushfires, according to new state government data. The report, an updated assessment of the effect of the fires […]

Tolkien was right: giant trees have towering role in protecting forests

Study highlights importance of biodiversity as part of strategy to stop planet overheating Scientists have shown to be true what JRR Tolkien only imagined in the Lord of the Rings: giant, slow-reproducing trees play an outsized role in the growth and health of old forests. In the 1930s, the writer gave his towering trees the […]