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Climate crisis: what one month of extreme weather looks like – video

In the last month, devastating weather extremes have hit regions across the world. From flash floods in Belgium to deadly temperatures in the US, from wildfires in Siberia to landslides in India, it has been an unprecedented period of chaotic weather. Climate scientists have long predicted that human-caused climate disruption would lead to more flooding, […]

As the climate crisis deepens the UK’s attitude to summer begins to shift

Season now has a health warning and people may lose associations of joy, relaxation and celebration Beware summer! The season we used to anticipate as the lightest, brightest, balmiest time of the year now comes with a health warning. For the first time in the UK, the Met Office issued an extreme heat advisory this […]

Weatherwatch: heatwaves become silent killer, hitting vulnerable hardest

At least 300 more people in UK died than average in second week of August While attention was focused on Covid-19, a spike in death rates in the UK during the second week of August slipped past almost unnoticed. At least 300 more died than average. This excess exactly coincided with a heatwave, when temperatures […]

UK infrastructure inadequate for climate emergency, experts warn

British building stock is ill-suited to modern heatwaves, infrastructure experts say Government advisers and leading infrastructure experts have said ministers must do much more to protect the UK’s infrastructure from extreme weather, as the fiercest heatwave in decades gave way to thunderstorms and deluges over large parts of the country. Storm warnings are in place […]

The Guardian view on record-breaking weather: the heat is on | Editorial

What better time than the UK’s hottest-ever week for ministers to commit to bold climate action? The hottest week in the UK since records began offers further proof that our weather is changing. Climate change and global heating are not predictions, but facts of life that we must deal with now. Ten of the UK’s […]

UK weather: temperatures hit 35C and above for three days in row

Heatwave continues to cause disruption as flooding and storm warnings issued This week’s heatwave is set to cause further disruption as temperatures above 30C continue in parts of central and southern England, accompanied by storms and torrential rain across the UK. The Met Office has issued a yellow storm warning for the whole of England, […]

UK weather: a month’s rain could fall in two hours as heatwave breaks

Fears of flash flooding in parts of country, while experts warn extreme heat could become the norm Over a month’s worth of rain could fall within two hours on parts of Britain this week, causing flash flooding, while an ongoing heatwave is set to break records. Police and the coastguard issued warnings over the weekend […]

The UK’s hottest day so far this year – in pictures

Met Office expects Friday to reach 35C, and says effect of climate change on UK weather is likely to increase Continue reading…

Climate crisis exerting increasing impact on UK, says Met Office

Extreme heat, less frost and snow, and trees coming into leaf earlier among signs in 2019 More extreme heat, less frost and snow, and trees coming into leaf earlier are among the signs seen in 2019 that the climate crisis is exerting an increasing impact on the UK, the Met Office’s annual climate report shows. […]

Warm summer of 2019 gives flight to butterfly numbers

Abundant food thanks to mix of sunshine and rain helps species confound fears of declines The record temperatures of summer 2019 helped make it the best season for butterflies in 22 years, with more than half of Britain’s species increasing in number. Last summer delivered a winning combination of warmth, sunshine and rain which ensured […]