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New Study: There Is No Extreme Precipitation, Drought, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado….Climate Crisis

After a thorough examination of extreme weather indices across the globe, scientists (Alimonti et al., 2022) have concluded “none of these response indicators show a clear positive trend of extreme events.” Therefore. “the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we are experiencing today, is not evident yet.” There is an “absence of generalized growth […]

3 New Studies Conclude 21st Century Cold Temps Led To 7-10 Times More Deaths Than Warm Temps

Scientists have calculated the years of life lost (YLL) attributed to exposure to “non-optimum” temperatures.  It turns out that during the 2000s – supposedly the warmest years on record – people were still far more likely to die from exposure to cold temperatures than warm temperatures. The country with the largest human population has recently […]

Scientists Eliminate False Positives In Trend Analysis To Assert NO BROWNING – Only Greening – Since 1981

A new study robustly affirms Earth’s recent vegetation greening trend by eliminating overestimations (false positives). Although this more restrictive analytical approach reduces the observed percentage of the Earth’s land greening from 36% to 15%, it also means that, when using the mean analysis, no browning trend can be detected in the last 40 years. It’s […]

New Study: Rising CO2 Drives Post-1980s Greening…Which Cools The Earth And Offsets 29% Of Human Emissions

About 70% of the Earth’s post-1980s vegetative greening trend has been driven by CO2 fertilization. More greening has offset or reversed 29% of recent anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Greening also has a net cooling effect on surface temperatures. Earlier this year we highlighted a study (Haverd et al., 2020) asserting rising CO2 and warming are the […]

Earth Is Greening Due To Rising CO2…A Growing Greening Sink Offsets 17 Years Of Equivalent CO2 Emissions By 2100

A new study finds rising CO2 concentrations (and warming) have driven the rapid increase in Earth’s photosynthesis processes, or greening. CO2-induced planetary greening leads to an enormous expansion of Earth’s carbon sink. By 2100 this greening-sink effect will offset 17 years of equivalent human CO2 emissions. This easily supersedes the effect of Paris Agreement CO2 […]

Over 440 Scientific Papers Published In 2019 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

In 2019,  more than 440 scientific papers were published that cast doubt on the position that anthropogenic CO2 emissions function as the climate’s fundamental control knob…or that otherwise serve to question the efficacy of climate models or the related “consensus” positions commonly endorsed by policymakers and mainstream media sources. Image Source: Collins et al., 2019 […]