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Drought puts 2.1 million Kenyans at risk of starvation

National disaster declared as crops fail after poor rains and locusts, while ethnic conflicts add to crisis An estimated 2.1 million Kenyans face starvation due to a drought in half the country, which is affecting harvests. The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) said people living in 23 counties across the arid north, northeastern and coastal […]

Climate crisis is suffocating the world’s lakes, study finds

Falling oxygen levels harming already struggling wildlife and drinking water supplies, say scientists The climate crisis is causing a widespread fall in oxygen levels in lakes across the world, suffocating wildlife and threatening drinking water supplies. Falling levels of oxygen in oceans had already been identified, but new research shows that the decline in lakes […]

Climate crisis could displace 1.2bn people by 2050, report warns

Countries unable to withstand ecological threats among world’s least peaceful, analysis finds More than 1 billion people face being displaced within 30 years as the climate crisis and rapid population growth drive an increase in migration with “huge impacts” for both the developing and developed worlds, according to an analysis. The Institute for Economics and […]

Murray-Darling mismanagement: floods, water theft, and Burke and Wills’s camels

The basin has faced challenges throughout history but the system designed to protect it does not factor in a changing climate This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020 One hundred and fifty years ago Ludwig Becker, a member of the Burke and Wills expedition, did […]

Analysis shows climate finance not reaching most vulnerable

Funding is intended to help countries protect their people from the climate breakdown People in some of the world’s poorest countries are receiving as little as $1 each a year to help them cope with the impacts of the climate crisis, despite rich countries’ promises to provide assistance. Climate finance is intended to help developing […]

Federal government withholds water funding from NSW in Murray Darling standoff

Minister disappointed that New South Wales did not submit Murray Darling Basin resource plans The federal government is withholding millions of dollars from the New South Wales government for failing to complete water resource plans for the Murray Darling Basin. In a letter to the state’s water minister, Melinda Pavey, the federal water resources minister, […]

Climate scientist says Sky News commentators misrepresented his views on drought

Exclusive: Andy Pitman says ‘misspoken’ statement has been used by Alan Jones, Chris Kenny and Andrew Bolt to dismiss links between climate change and drought A leading Australian climate scientist has said his views have been misrepresented by conservative media commentators, who have used a “misspoken” statement to dismiss the links between climate change and […]

Australia launches emergency relocation of fish as largest river system faces collapse

There are doubts the Noah’s Ark plan for the Lower Darling will be enough to prevent more mass fish kills Faced with a looming ferocious summer with little rain forecast, the New South Wales government has embarked on a Noah’s Ark type operation to move native fish from the Lower Darling – part of Australia’s […]

Preparing for quakes and avoiding pathogen soup: a cartoon about water

In an area facing particular threats from earthquakes and global heating, Portland has a duty to take care of its abundant water supply Continue reading…

10 Disturbing Facts About Global Warming

Ahead of Earth Day, here are 10 disturbing facts you may not have known about global warming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTr5m0dFn9A