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“Rare” May Snow & Cold Forecast Silences Climate Alarmists: “Over A Foot Of Snow” In Maine

Unusual cold and snow are expected to sweep across North America and Europe over the coming days, thus threatening crops.  Not that mid May is approaching, global warming alarmists tell us we should already be expecting heat waves. But right now the opposite is in the forecast: snow and extreme cold! Who would have thought? […]

Easter Season Cold, Frost Ends Onset Of European Spring… And Italy Air Quality WORSENS After Curfew!

Widespread frost to grip Europe The past winter has been an unusually mild one for most of Europe, which has led many people to think spring was here to stay. But the weather pattern has since switched. Instead of westerly winds bringing mild temperatures and rains across Europe, as they did all winter long, we […]

Despite 1990s Warming, Japan Climate Has Become More Agreeable, Less Extreme Over Past 100 Years!

Though the media like to tell their audience that man-made climate change is leading to more extreme weather, the data don’t support it. In fact, one could easily argue that Japan’s climate is more agreeable today. By Kirye in Tokyo and Pierre Gosselin No trend in long-term annual precipitation Over the past 100 years, for […]

N. Hemisphere In Hypothermia! Widespread Early Winter…”Historic Snowstorms”…”Record Books Rewritten”

Winter has not even officially arrived, but already large areas of the northern hemisphere are seeing “historic snowfalls”, frigid temperatures and even avalanche alarms. The Northern Hemisphere has certainly caught a major cold, one certainly not caused by the human CO2 virus. Instead of fever, parts of the northern hemisphere are in hypothermia! Alarmists, media […]

NOA, Solar Activity Suggest Early Winter For Europe… Outlook For October And November Colder Than Normal

Latest runs by the US NOAA weather agency show October and November being colder than normal. A negative NAO and low solar activity may be behind it.  September is coming to an end and signs of autumn are everywhere. On everyone’s mind now is the question of what kind of winter to expect: bitter cold […]

Imelda dumped 40 inches of rain on Texas — and it wasn’t even a hurricane?

Tropical Depression Imelda turned southeast Texas into a disaster zone last week, dumping more than 40 inches of rain east of Houston and bringing back memories of the monster storm Hurricane Harvey in 2016. Hundreds of homes have been flooded and more than 1,000 people rescued from the floodwaters. Who would have thought a “tropical […]

Global Cooling Trend Continues… Europe 2019 August Thus Far “Undercooled”

Although Europe is expected to enjoy summerlike temperatures over the next few days, the globe as a whole is showing a number of large areas of cooling, the latest NCEP GFS forecast shows. Hat-tip: Snowfan here. The trend forecast for global 2m temperatures from August 24 to August 31, 2019 (forecast day 7 minus forecast […]

Media Ignore Vast Summer Cold Across Northern Hemisphere; Southern USA, Russia See “Record Lows” In July

While the headlines naturally focused on an intense heat wave over a region centered over France and Germany last week, the global warming ambulance chasers worked overtime avoiding and ignoring the real story: vast, continent-wide cold spreading across Russia. Heat and cold zero-sum First at the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Klaus Öllerer […]

Ice Box July: Unusual Cold, Surface Frost Sweep Across Central Europe! July Arctic Ice Volume Trend Now Increasing

Where have all the globe-trotting climate ambulance chasers gone? Well, they’re nowhere to be found in Europe nowadays. Hat-tip: Snowfan in Germany The reason is the unusual cold that has swept across a large swath of the continent and which has sent temperatures plummeting to near freezing. Icebox July: Parts of Central Europe saw ground […]

Watters’ World: Global warming edition

Jesse Watters asks the folks about the climate on 'The O'Reilly Factor'