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Scientists And Media Outlets Increasingly ‘Scolded’ And ‘Pressured’ To Blame Extreme Weather On Humans

Although potentially “misleading” and “specious,” realizing the goal of fomenting “action” on climate change means uncertainties and caveats must be journalistically eliminated. Media outlets are pressured by “green groups” to opportunistically claim every extreme weather event – including the ensuing damage – is caused by human greenhouse gas emissions. In recent decades there has been […]

Single Family Homes Are Bad For The Climate, Says Austrian Architecture Publicist. Thermal Insulation, Too!

Single family homes, thermal insulation are not sustainable, says architecture publicist.  Everything is bad for the climate, and so everything needs to be regulated or restricted. That’s how the whole scam works. COVID shows that if you can successfully spread fear and a sense of crisis, then you’ll be able to get away with anything. […]

In The 1700s It Was Said Women Cause ‘Unnatural’ Weather. Now Mainstream Science Says Men Do Too.

It used to be thought that women were “indeed responsible for the weather” (extreme temperatures, storms, “unnatural” precipitation, etc.). Those women thought guilty of “weather-making” were imprisoned and burned at the stake. Mainstream science has advanced since then. Now it’s believed men (and children) also cause extreme weather and climate. Believing CO2 is the climate […]

German Public Law Professor, High Court Judge: Climate Crisis “Requires Freedom-Limiting Measures”

Dictatorship for a good cause…the march to tyranny: The public can be convinced “to accept even the most serious encroachments on fundamental rights,” writes a German public law professor, state high court judge at his blog. Like the corona crisis, in the face of the climate crisis it’s time to seriously encroach on fundamental rights, […]

Alarmist PIK Refuted, New Published Papers Call Claim Mass Migration Is Climate-Related “Misleading”…”Simplistic”

PIK under fire: Concept of a climate-caused mass migration not tenable By Kalte Sonne (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) We keep hearing again and again how climate change is one of the main causes of migration. But when you ask those affected whether the climate in their home country was the cause of flight, […]