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California’s Alisal Fire signals that fall wildfire season is underway

Just as the first snows have begun to quench the summer fires in the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas, a major blaze has flared up on the California coast. It’s the sign that fall fire season has begun. The Alisal Fire, west of Santa Barbara, raged through dry brush over the last few days, […]

More than 1,000 firefighters battle blaze spreading along California coast

Alisal fire has burned more than 15,000 acres in the Santa Ynez mountains and threatened more than 100 ranches and rural homes A wildfire raging through southern California coastal mountains threatened ranches and rural homes and kept a major highway shut down on Wednesday, as the fire-scarred state faced a new round of dry winds […]

Lightning threatens California as fires continue to burn across the state

A hot, dry landscape combined with strong winds and no rain increase the risk of new ignitions in a region already battling flames Ominous weather is again threatening areas of California as dozens of fires continue to burn, with hot, dry conditions and forecasted thunderstorms prompting officials to issue warnings through parts of the state’s […]

Welcome to the Pyrocene

This piece is adapted from the forthcoming book The Pyrocene: How We Created an Age of Fire, and What Happens Next, which will be published by University of California Press in September. The fires of 2020 seemed to be everywhere, a pyric pandemic. Places that commonly burn, such as Australia, California, and Siberia, burned with […]

Summer of fire: blazes burn across Mediterranean with more extreme weather forecast

Greece, Turkey and Italy have borne the brunt of wildfires, while parts of Spain and France are on alert for very high temperatures Hundreds of fires are burning across the Mediterranean, displacing thousands and causing irreparable damage as human-made climate change causes record-breaking summer heatwaves. With very high temperatures expected in parts of Spain and […]

If Dante had filmed the Inferno on his iPhone, it would look like this | Francine Prose

If the Evia fire ferry video seems extraordinary, it’s not only because of what it shows but because of how it shows it To have lived through the last few decades is to have, in our minds, an all too accessible video library of historical nightmares. The assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK. The collapse of […]

Turkish fires sweeping through tourist areas are the hottest on record

Thousands of holidaymakers evacuated from Aegean Sea resorts as country fights more than 50 blazes The heat intensity of wildfires in Turkey on Thursday was four times higher than anything on record for the nation, according to satellite data passed on to the Guardian. At least four people were killed by blazes that swept through […]

Conservatives may be willing to take on climate change — if you call it something else

On July 6, lightning sparked a fast-spreading wildfire in southern Oregon that’s now the largest in the country and the state’s third-largest on record. The Bootleg Fire, only recently getting contained after a period of cooler weather, has led more than 2,400 people to evacuate, destroyed at least 161 homes, and sent toxic smoke traveling […]

As extreme heat and wildfires rage, a ‘protection gap’ threatens Californians

Over the past decade, wildfires and extreme heat have destabilized California in ways both dramatic and subtle: 4.2 million acres burned last year alone, most of the state is experiencing emergency levels of drought, and heat-related deaths are on the rise. These climate-driven disasters have worsened the state’s housing crisis, as insurance in risky areas […]

As wildfires worsen, more California farms are deemed too risky to insure

Stu Smith got an email from his insurance company last summer with some bad news: His premium was more than quadrupling. Smith is the co-owner of Smith Madrone, a wine operation in the mountains of California’s Sonoma Valley, and he had held a wildfire insurance policy with the company for more than 30 years. Now, […]