Test my theory?

Okay so bear with me here. Nasa had published that the ozone layer hole in 2004 helped combat 2% of global warming. The hole was relatively small most of the year. So i propose that we reopen it but bigger. Until about 20°S latitude. This is roughly 4× larger then the 2004 data which would make a total of 8% improvement. Now comes the problem of the UV rays. I propose we turn the arctic where the hole is into a solar farm. Though scientifically unethical couldn't it help solve part of the CO2 output from electricity production? And earth's wind patterns would bring all the CFC's to the Arctic anyways. Then simply re-regulate the use of these to close the ozone layer again. And if this works we could do the same to the Arctic circle up north and increase the output to at LEAST 16%

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Updated: July 25, 2020 — 6:34 am

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