The most controversial climate solution, explained

the most controversial climate solution

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Is geoengineering a devil’s bargain of climate change?

If you want to learn more about geoengineering, here’s some science resources:
National Research Council

National Climate Assessment


Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Program | Irvine, et al.

Weather modification attempts also have a long, rich, and kind of bizzare history. Here’s a few resources if you want to go down that rabbit hole:

Kurt Vonnegut and the Rainmakers | Undiscovered

Project Cirrus | General Electric

Weather modification history | National Research Council

Weather and climate modification | National Science Foundation

Early history of weather modification | American Meteorological Society


Other sources we mentioned:

1965 President’s Science Advisory Committee report

Andrew Yang’s climate and geoengineering plan

Global Warming and Ice Ages | Teller, et al.



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