The solution that we never saw

So ive been looking into how to generate lots of power while staying at super low carbln emmitions and found something everyone has overlooked, Renewable energys are hard to maintain for what they make, And theres a old source of energy that generates Co2 as much as the renewables Only being the mining of its fuel and the building of the plant itsself Nuclear power, It makes 0 co2 and only co2 it emits is the trucks and construction vehicles being used to build it and the vehicles that mine the fuel source, aka Uranium or a much safer alternative, Thorium. While yes its not a renewable, it atleast generates Helltons of energy allowing much wider electric use and helps us spend extra time making much more efficient renewable powers that generate more power while being completely carbon neutral, this would solve the whole power issue with electric vehicles and allow us to then lower carbon emmition, keep rural areas windmill free so we dont destroy wildland for power and overall allow us to spend years to figure out a much better renewable energy that could possibly even rival reactors. I know taking all this off of a dyslexic person is hard to belive or read seriously but as it seems right now the way to the future is under our noses the whole time and would buy us centuries of extra time to work out a fix to our issues If anyone agrees or has any other ideas comment, im sure this should work (if its done correctly)

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Updated: August 11, 2020 — 11:18 am

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