The U.S. and International Earth Observations from Space Program of Record

This virtual mini-symposium is co-sponsored by the JPL Center for Climate Sciences and the Keck Institute for Space Studies in conjunction with its 2022 study “Developing a Continuity Framework for Satellite Observations of Climate”. The four invited presentations (30 minutes each) are followed by a moderated discussion. • Waleed Abdalati (CIRES) – NASA Earth Science Program of Record
• Michael Bonadonna (NOAA NESDIS OSAAP) – NOAA/NESDIS Program of Record
• Tim Stryker (USGS) – USGS Program of Record
• Mark Dowell (EC), Jeff Privette (NOAA), Wenying Su (NASA), Jörg Schulz (Eumetsat) – International Program of Record
• Stacey Boland (JPL) – Moderated Discussion

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