Timeline for Global Warming being a known issue. 1859 – 2021

• 1859 Tyndall demonstrates changes in gasses of our atmosphere could bring climate change.

• 1896 Arrhenius publishes 1st calculation of human caused climate change.

• 1938 Callendar argues CO2 greenhouse gasses warming the earth.

• 1956 Plass calculates the added CO2 to our atmosphere affects earths radiation balance.

• 1957 Revelle finds CO2 produced by humans is harmful to the planet.

• 1958 telescope studies prove greenhouse gasses raise temperatures on Venus & would on Mars & Earth as well.

• 1960 Keeling detects annual rise of CO2 correlates with annual rise in temperatures.

• 1963 Experts meet to discuss global warming causing flooding due to raising sea levels.

• 1965 Experts meet to discuss global warming causes all agreeing the planet is warming.

• 1967 Manabe & Wetherald calculate doubling CO2 in the atmosphere would raise world temperatures a couple of degrees.

• 1968 Studies show collapse of antarctic ice sheets raising sea levels catastrophicly.

• 1970 1st Earth Day to spread concerns of global degradation.

• 1971 SMIC conference of leading scientists report the danger of rapid global change being caused by humans.

• 1972 Droughts in multiple countries raise concerns of climate change worldwide.

• 1975 Concerns of airplane pollution leads to an investigation finding our ozone layer is depleting.

• 1975 Manabe & others produce computer models showing correlation of CO2 & rising temperatures.

• 1976 Studies show that CFCs & methane damage the ozone layer.

• 1976 Deforestation recognized as harming the planet & climate.

• 1979 US National Academy of Sciences agree CO2 is raising temperatures. ExxonMobil knew about climate change in 1977.

• 1981 Scientists predict climate change to be visible by the year 2000.

• 1981 TV documentary called "Warming Warning" warned of climate change.

• 1985 Ramanathan & others announce warming happening twice as fast as expected.

• 1985 Villach Conference expert declare global warming inevitable & call for international agreements to restrict emissions.

• 1987 Montreal Protocol of the Vienna Convention imposes international restrictions on ozone destroying emissions.

• 1988 Toronto Conference calls for emissions restrictions.

• 1988 IPCC is established.

• 1992 Conf of Rio de Janeiro.

• 1992 G. HW. Bush enters USA into UNFCCC.

• 1997 Toyota releases the Prius.

• 1997 international Conf Kyoto Protocol.

• 2001 Bonn Meeting.

• 2004 Books, movies & art depicting climate change become more popular.

• 2005 Kyoto Protocol goes into effect US opts out.

• 2006 "An Inconvenient Truth" was released.

• 2007 "11th Hour"

• 2008 Scientists announce global warming unstoppable now.

• 2009 Copenhagen Conf.

• 2009 B. Obama creates Clean Air Act.

• 2012 "Chasing Ice"

• 2016 B. Obama enter USA in Paris Climate Agreement.

• 2016 "Before the flood" "A Beautiful Planet" & "Years of living dangerously"

• 2017 Many US States (23 that I can quickly find) set mandated emission reduction plans and/or non binding goals.

• 2018 "True North"

• 2019 Global temp 14.8°C warmest in tens of thousands of years CO2 415ppm in atmosphere highest in millions of years.

• 2021 Biden rejoins the USA into the Paris Climate Agreement.


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